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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Getting cooler now...

Ok so you may not believe this but we can actually feel the difference in the temperature now. I reckon its about only 40 during the day now and the nights are even more pleasant. I never thought I would think 40 felt nice, but it sure does at the moment.

So since the last update I have been mostly just working. It is starting to get busier and busier. With Ramadan just around the corner we have been stocking up on alcohol a bit. I have just received my license to purchase alcohol for my home and my limit is double for the lead up to Ramadan. So Philby and Craig have been stocking up a bit more than the rest of us. The other day Dave, Philby and I went and bought 60 cases of beer and that isn't even the start of it. I left with a big bottle of Moet for Sarah and I to drink when we finally get to the end of this enormous project....anyway check out the stock at Craig and Philby's place. How could we possibly drink this much in 4 weeks you ask? I am not quite sure either, but I am sure there will be a huge dent in the stash as we are pretty much confined to our homes/work for 4 weeks.

On one of the last Fridays that everyone had off together we headed out in a Dhow boat for a bit of jet skiing etc and a day in the Arabian Gulf. The water must have been 40+ and the salt was absolutely killer on our skin and hair, but we did have a great time. Of course we went past the famous palm tree island. It hasn't been turned into a fountain yet but I hear it will be soon. We had to jump start the boat from the one park next to us and some black goo poured into the sea! And of course on our way past the port we saw all of our containers sitting there and only 2 cranes! Here are some photos of the day. Simon Lamond and I had fun and I even went on the Jet Ski with Lance.

Sarah and Craig took a trip to Abu Dabi to see Jodi and Tammie. Whilst in Dubai Sarah picked up the most amazing gift for me that I have seen yet. The women of course wear their abayas as we talked about in the last update and a black sheet with slits near their eyes on their faces. Now if you are a widow you get to wear the wooden mask. It is so cool sort of like a Comedia del Arte mask or something. I would like to get one if I can find it but I will have to take this gift in the mean time. She does however need a name, so email me your suggestions. She is ceramic and is a BOBBLE HEAD!! Yes that's right. Her cute little head just bobs up and down whenever I want to giggle! So send me some name suggestions. Sarah and I can decide...

I still have yet to take many photos around the site or in Doha itself. I am going back to Four Seasons on Friday so maybe on the car ride there I will take some photos. I am not sure if the city itself will be ready by December. It is one giant construction site with the roads changing every single day.

We did have a bit of a drink up the other night at the InterContinental Hotel at October Fest. Of course it isn't October yet but because you can't drink during Ramadan we had to do it now. Lots of beer, German food and even a German band. I chose to not drink too much and just spend time observing the other shabby guys. I won't include any of the shabby photos. But here is the band leader. Just know a good time was had by all and the fact that we had to work the next day wasn't so fantastic. It was great!

That's about all for now. Eventually there will be photos of the real Doha. Its not all dreamy and beautiful let me tell you. But definitely worth a look for anyone who's interested!!

Take care all and I will speak to you soon!
Lots of Love,


Blogger awesome said...

goodness! that is quite a bit of beer!

In moderation, sister. Moderation.

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