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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Opening Ceremony Night

So the show has finished now. Its really hard to believe that after so many months of planning and sweating, it finally has come and gone. We have just over 10 days until the closing ceremony but we are having a few days off from working very hard from the bump out over 44 hrs. Might even get myself to see some sport sometime in the middle of all of this.

The show was pretty amazing. Doha did surprise us with about the windiest coldest day that I have experienced since I got here. Unfortunately we had to cut a bit of the flying elements due to the high winds, but overall it was fantastic! The LED Screen was the biggest spectacle. It has caused us huge amounts of grief with the construction of the steel structure to support it. Its about 50m across and 20m high. It really is something else. They don't even know what they will do with it when the games are over. Probably just trash it because you can if you have all the money in the world. It looked amazing and it basically was the backdrop to the entire show. Everything was choreographed from the Emir's point of view. So of course he had the best seat in the house for everything including the massive LED screen.

The other big moment of the night was the lighting of the cauldron. The Emir's youngest son trained for a few months to ride this horse up a great big ramp with the torch and then light the cauldron at the top. In the 2 dress rehearsals neither time went all that well, so on the night every one of us couldn't breathe. He actually did it in the end, tripped up a couple of times, and got the whole crowd cheering him on. It was magnificant. As you can see the Cauldron is absolutely massive compared to the guy on his horse and the screen dwarfs the cauldron so overall it was a huge $$ production that I am quite amazed I had anything to do with!

So the fireworks of course went off splendidly. Then the thunderstorm came. We were absolutely drenched during the load out. I stayed until 5am and changed my clothes into costume blacks around 3am because my other clothes were useless. We took 46 hours to bump out the show and then sport started.

We have had a couple of easy days just hanging out, buying cool Doha 2006 merchandise and catching up on some well deserved sleep. I have had a few shopping trips with Philby and PC and we came across the porn section in Doha. Check this out! I mean really - naughty librarians in Doha??? I think not...Oh and the shop called the clothes Langery. Gotta love their English here in the desert. It sure makes me laugh. So perhaps the reason it rained so hard on us following the show was because Allah thinks this shop has got to go! At least we still have more proof that the locals get up to no good even though they aren't supposed to! I have been dying to see Casino Royale but knowing how much kissing they cut out of movies, I didn't dare see a James Bond film here, but then after seeing this shop, Doha has surprised me again!

The closing ceremony is on Friday 15th December. Dawn James who was my boss in Melbourne is arriving from London on Weds to see the show and hang out to see the sights of Doha. This shouldn't take too long but then on the 24th December we all head off to the Maldives for 4 days of houses on poles, drinks with umbrellas and daybeds in the sun. Here is a photo of where we are staying but I am sure I will have better ones when I actually get there. We have to take a seaplane to get our little huts. Its going to be amazing. The seaplane also takes you to the spa I think or was it a speed boat? I can't remember. There will be lots off eggs florentine with Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon. Then I will head back to Doha before heading out to London with Dawn. I don't really have any plans, but I suppose the Doha blog will keep going even though I will not be in Doha. I will try to get work there, but eventually I will go broke, so we shall see how that goes. Still hoping to make it back to Tassie for Mackonis' wedding in Feb. Hopefully I will have enough money to head back to London after that.

I had to take this photo of this bird outside my window. I opened the drapes and there it was. You just don't see wildlife here so this scared me a lot! How creepy is he? Anyway he comes to visit a lot now. I think he needs a name as well.

There will be more photos of closing and all of the activities that go with leaving the gig. Am hoping to really cook a turkey soon so there will be photos of that I am sure. I have done it before and I will do it again! Doha Style! One of my really good friends has left already and it just reminds you that everyone has to go back home. No more parties, drinking, working late, laughing and trying to stay sane in a place that is more boring than the desert...oh wait it is the desert. Its hard to believe that as of late because it has been so rainy and cold. I actually had to buy a winter coat here! But then again its probably only about 12/55 degrees at night, but from 55/125 degrees, that is a huge difference. We just never thought we would be wishing for the warm again! It has given me the opportunity to buy some clothes for London as I don't have many here.

Anyway, if any of you will be in the London/Europe area in the new year, let me know. I am even thinking about the US eventually - maybe in summer time, but I have so much catching up to do that I am sure I will be in everyone's neck of the woods at some point!

Keep the emails coming and let me know what your Christmases will be like. It is so hard to remember that Christmas is nearly here. There are a few trees and lights around but just not what we are use to. At least it is cold so it feels a bit Christmasy to me.

Family - sorry I won't be there yet again but apparently we can use wireless internet from our hut on poles. Will skype you all. Pressies are on the way. I promise next year...

Love to everyone,

More Photos of the show for your enjoyment:


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