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Thursday, March 06, 2008

2008 already? Jeez....

So I suppose my grand solution for keeping people up to date on what is happening in my life has gone completely to shite. I apologise for this. Updating the blog is something I thoroughly enjoy and I haven't managed to find the time to do so.

Since September last year a few things have happened. Here's a rundown in the briefest of brief descriptions for up until now.

2007 Grand Final Day. Luckily the Cats ripped apart Port Adelaide and I felt that the real Grand Final was when Collingwood took on the Cats the week before. I went to the Collingwood game which had 98,000 people at it and the atmosphere was amazing. Best of luck to my Magpies this year. Oh and Grubb Family, we even did the Football Pool in true Super Bowl Fashion. And to top it all off, I won the last quarter!
Everyone Watching the Projectorvision...

The Money Pool

2007 Melbourne Cup Day. Can't even remember who won the race, but the cup sweep was one by my friend's 4 year old son Kaelen. He sure was glad to win $20.

2007 Melbourne Arts Festival. Don't remember most of it. That's what happens when you live exceptionally close to the $3 beers at the Becks bar. Saw some amazing theatre, but drank most of the time. Have been trying to schedule in a detox ever since. Just can't seem to fit it into my extremely busy social life.

2007 Townsville visit. My friend Isty took a 2 month contract working in Townsville and I went up for a bit of a long weekend visit. We spent the weekend on Magnetic Island and perusing the Great Barrier Reef. The boat ride was a bit scary on the way back from the reef. But the Sangria and nachos on Magnetic Island were fantastic. So after nearly 8 years of being in Australia I have finally seen the reef. And remind me another day to tell the story of how I actually made it to the airport post Opening Night of Melbourne Festival!!

At Noodies - the Sangria Joint

About to go Snorkeling...

My hat blowing away on the way to Magnetic Island

2007 Thanksgiving - Malthouse Style. So yet again Sarah cooked an enormous turkey, lots of Peggy Grubb stuffing and mashed potato mayhem in celebration of some cooky American holiday where we celebrate a coming together of 2 cultures or something like that. The massive dining room table in the lounge room was a sight to behold. Everyone who came was pretty much from work and we even had Tanya's lovely candied yams complete with marshmallows spelling out K07 for Kevin 07. That's Kevin Rudd for the foreigners who are unaware that the day before he absolutely destroyed John Howard in the election and is now successfully running our lovely country down under.

The Turkey

The Candied Yams

The Whole Clan at the giant table

Creaming the pumpkin pie - its a requirement!

2007 Holiday period. Christmas - a massive success. Had a party for several friends and friends of friends without family in Melbourne. Never have I eaten so much fish in all my life. Stayed up singing SingStar till at least 2am when the playstation finally cacked itself. I think my shining moment was on David Bowie's LIFE ON MARS. But following Christmas day, I went to the Boxing Day Test with Lydia for her birthday. We didn't see much cricket and ended up at the pub eating nachos, but it sure was good fun.

Playing cards after dinner

Singstar Magic

And in case you wanted to know what happens at the MN Grubb Family Christmas here are some photos:
Dad and the bros - how much do they look alike?

Jonny with the T Shirt I bought him

Mom with the present Brock got her

Rachel and her boyfriend with the book I got her

The infamous bathroom with an LCD TV

2007 NYE A big group of us headed out for a pub meal and watched the fireworks from the 15th floor of a building in Melbourne and got a bit dehydrated (it was very warm!). But a lovely evening nonetheless. I had a few New Years Resolutions and have managed to stick to most of it so far. I gave up Facebook, which has proven to be fantastic. Decided not to eat McDonalds anymore and have found myself much more regularly in the gym. So hopefully 2008 will be a year for feeling good and having lots of fun.

At dinner with Ange, Mel, Zach and Russ

Alycia, Mel, AG and Philby

The girls looking hot, hot, hot!

The boys looking happy!

And it appears to have started that way....

2008 January The Parents in Melbourne! So yes Peggy and John made the long hike to Melbourne once again this time for a visit that was a bit warmer than last time. They arrived on the 2nd of January and we were able to pack in loads of stuff. Here's the play by play:

1. The ever culture filled Night Market at Queen Vic where Dad ate Croc, Emu and Kangaroo all on the same plate.
2. Moonlight Cinema where we watched Michael Keaton as the original Batman.
3. High Tea at the Windsor Hotel including champagne. No tea leaf readings though.
4. BBQ on the Yarra River although it was about 40+ degrees that day. Good on all of you who turned up anyway!
5. A few days away down at Wilsons Prom. It was totally beautiful and I had never even been there. Squeaky Beach was great! Loved it.
6. Rachelle and Steve's engagement party.
7. Kylie's 30th birthday
8. Lots of hanging out in Southbank and going out for beers. How unfortunate that the Belgian wasn't open the entire time. Had plenty of Peggy's dip as well.

Even AG and Philby came down from Sydney for a bit of a hello. We all had a lovely time hanging out and got quite addicted to Scene It the music addition thanks to Philby.
Lunch at a winery

Mom and Me at the Prom

Mom and Dad at the Prom

Mom and AG at the BBQ

Philby on the BBQ

Blowing bubbles with Kaelen

Mom and Me out the front of the Malthouse Theatre

Kaelen at Squeaky Beach

So after Mom and Dad's fortnight visit, I went back to work at the Malthouse. Things are good there. The pool went in just fine for Tartuffe and it opened. Its not the best production ever, but at least the set looks good. We are screening a film in another theatre at the moment and we open a third show in a couple of weeks in the mid-sized theatre. I like it when its busy. The make-shift cinema has made a fantastic venue for Nintendo Wii, however, my body hasn't recovered from the 9 hours of bowling we did the other night. Although from now on you must refer to me as Wii Jedi Master.

Also since the last blog I have been accepted in to Communications Law at Melbourne Uni as a post-grad. I can't get the government assistance until I am a citizen, so I have deferred for a term. Hopefully by April or so I will take the citizen test and all will be well! Look out for that big time party in the near future. Should be a blast.

Can't believe that brings us up to March 2008. That's crazy. Only 18 months until my big 30 birthday bash. That's not a lot of time at all!! Some of the girls and I are heading for a long weekend away at Easter time which should be good fun. The courtyard has a hot tub in it, so I am sure we will be there with champers and lots of laughs.

Other than that, nothing else much planned for the minute. Still seeing lots of live music which is nice. Have been to see Lionel Richie, Burt Bacharach, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Gotye, and many others. And besides that I am still trying not to plan much really. Melbourne is still as cool as it always was and I love living in Southbank. Alycia has finally half admitted that working in Sydney and living in Melbourne doesn't work very well. She has signed a year contract to work for the premier's department in Sydney. So Eloise Grace who is down in Melbourne now working on GUYS AND DOLLS is going to move in at least until September. She needs a bed so Alycia doesn't have to move much stuff and works out quite nicely. I believe a Welcome to Southbank party will be in order in the coming weeks. I feel a Gatsby theme coming on....

So I bid you adieu for the moment. As the weather starts to get colder and greyer I hope that its looking like a nice spring in the Northern parts of the world. Hoping to have some kind of fancy holiday at some point this year....still need to work out where. Have a lovely Easter and I will update again with details of the Gatsby night and Spa-toting Easter weekend.