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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Vancouver...I have arrived!

So I know I have been a bit lazy with updating this at the moment, especially considering that I have been here 1 month already. But hey, I have been busy.
I have just settled into work and in a few weeks time I will be based at the stadium permanently. At the moment I have to take 2 trains to get work everyday which is getting pretty boring. I wasn't quite prepared for wearing office attire again, but it's only for a few more weeks. I always have my steelies, hi-vis vest and stack helmet in tow everywhere I go, and it will be nice to be able to leave them in my new office at the stadium. The stadium itself is pretty old, but we are working on making it look nice for the games.
My house - some things are just too good to be true I guess. I moved in with Mel East to the place I found on the net, and it is just too small for 2 people. I am basically in the office on a mattress on the floor. Wouldn't want to do that for any decent amount of time. Not to mention the fact that there is way too much furniture in this place. So we found something else, which we love. We move in next Fri, so there will surely be photos of that soon. In the mean time check this out:
Besides work I have managed to get myself around a bit. I have been up to Whistler already, twice in fact. I already cannot imagine what it will look with snow on it, but I am sure I will find out. When I was up at Whistler I managed to ride the Peak to Peak - a gondola ride between Whistler and Black Comb ski resorts. It is suspended for more than 3kms. It was incredibly beautiful and worth every cent. Here are some photos from that awesome ride:

The Gondola Ride Itself

The View From the Top:

The Vancouver 2010 Logo is based on an Inukshuk - an Inuit man made stone landmark. There is one on the top of Whistler.
The Logo

The Real One

We also drove down to Cypress - a closer to the city ski resort which will have alpine skiing and snowboarding during the Olympics. From the top of the hill, you can see the entire Vancouver Skyline including all the way to Mt Baker in Washington. Pure Magic.

I also managed to spend an afternoon at Lost Lake. It was a lovely sunny day, not that warm, but still nice. We had a BBQ on the Lake and sat on the dock most of the afternoon. Unfortunately, this dock is famous for it's frequent visits by the local nudists. So we did share the dock. My favourite moment was when one of them jumped pretty much over our heads to get into the lake - totally starkers. It was classic.
Lost Lake - without the nudie bits

I have also been doing a bit of kayaking. They have an amazing place here called Deep Cove which has spectacular kayaking. Melanie and I have even entered a race. Granted we didn't do very well and we got there late, but we did have fun. It is a beautiful place. We have also kayaked just off of Granville Island which heads pretty much straight out into the ocean. Very good fun.

Speaking of Granville Island, I have also spent a bit of time there. It is where the public market is, the famous brewery and even home to a theatre company. You take a cute little boat over there called the Aquabus. I haven't really figured out why they call it an island since it is really a peninsula, but whatever works.
The silly peninsula of Granville Island

The Cute Aquabus

Granville Island Brewery

That's about it for now. Was a bit bummed that Chicago didn't get the Olympics on Friday, but will get over that. Gotta start thinking about rugging up for the winter! Lucky for me I got a brand new boarding coat at a sample sale for $10! Yup, $10. I rock.

Anyway, look after yourselves. More to come again soon.
Oh just for a quick back track - I managed to organise a Prom Night in Melbourne just before I left. We got dressed up, went for dinner and dancing, just like the Prom. It was fantastic. A few photos of the occasion to close up today's blog.
PROM 2009 - Melbourne

The Corsages!