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Saturday, July 03, 2010

A weekend a wonder of the world

So I managed to get myself to Agra last weekend. Agra is where the amazing Taj Mahal is located. It was very last minutely organised, but of course, I pulled some strings and got myself, AG, Piers and Baldy to Agra.
We were planning on taking the train, but when you try to organise a trip at the last minute, the trains are surprisingly full. So we booked a car and driver and started the 4 hour journey to Agra at 10am on Saturday morning. The driver wasn't the best. Way too fast, got lost several times etc. But after about 4.5 hours we arrived at the amazing Oberoi Amarvilas.
From the moment we arrived, it was fantastic. We all had rooms with a balcony overlooking the Taj. It was spectacular.

The view from my balcony

Me on the balcony with the Taj in the background

My Bed

After a bit of lunch (I had delicious Gazpacho soup), we all went straight for the pool. It was stunning. We spent 4 hours at the pool. We had several cocktails there. We even rehearsed a sychronised swimming routine. It was lovely.

The Pool shots

You can see the reflection of the hotel in my sunnies

Baldy and I in the pool

Later that evening, we went and sat on a hill and watched the moon come up over the Taj. Unfortunately the moon was quite far from being over the Taj so after about an hour we came home.

Here we are at night at the Taj. How fake does it look?

The night Taj visit was followed up by some drinks and then bed time in our luxurious hotel rooms.
Early the next morning (5:30am early), Baldy and I went to see the Taj. Although it was a bit overcast, it certainly was amazing. I was quite blown away by it. Going early in the morning was good for a couple of reasons. There were much less people there. It also wasn't so hot. By the time we left, it was very busy and was heating up quite a bit. We spent just over 2 hours there. I even managed to get a photo on the bench where Princess Di sat. It's very funny.

The Taj in all its glory


My Di Photo

Piers' Lady Di Shot (He was trying to look sad.)

Baldy's Lady Di Shot

Taj Pano-style

After the Taj visit, we had breakfast with AG and Piers. I had delicious pancakes and pig bacon. It was very exciting. AG & Piers headed off to see the Taj as well.
A couple of hours by the pool and a pedicure later, and it was time to return to Delhi sadly. The ride home was interesting to say the least, but we did see an elephant on the way out of town.

The Arse End of the Elephant (giggle)

I think the bulk of this post is really about the photos. Glad we made it there. It is still pretty sweaty hot here. Someday it will rain apparently.

Oh another anecdote for you. They have told us that we need to conserve paper. I wanted to print out my schedule so I carefully selected A3 paper, double-sided and everything. When it printed out, someone had put recycled paper in the tray and I had plans of the stadium on the one side of each page of my schedule! I lost it. Then, ironically, I had to print it again!! Oh it is fun.

This is me losing 'the plot' (hehe) over the paper.

More to come I am sure.



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