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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Closing Ceremony and then gone....

So I wanted to just get a few photos of Closing Ceremony up and update you about where I am heading next.
I am currently in Doha just having a bit of time off. Spent several days at the Hyatt and am heading to stay with Phil my old boss from Doha for a few days. I was meant to do a bit of work here, but I just got a confirmation about my next gig and they need me there sooner than I thought.
So the next gig....Abu Dhabi for the Opening of Ferrari World - A Ferrari themed Amusement Park. That will be fun I think. That takes me up until December. Then hopefully somewhere nice for Christmas...then who knows where.
Anyway, enjoy the Closing photos. Hopefully a few of you got to see it. It was probably a bit longer than it should have been and let's face it, a bit boring at times. But it was quite good considering how the day's rehearsal went!

Pyro Opening Moment on FOP

The Children with the Indian Flag Bit

Scotland Armadillo

Scotland Lock Ness Monster Bit

The Laser Show


Pyro in Finale

Under the Aerostat on the FOP Post Show

Me at my control room desk

AG and I got to drive around a bit and see what Doha is now. It was really unbelievable. I never thought I would think it would be so palatial, but compared to what we just experienced, it was heaven. No horns honking. It was clean. They drove in the lanes primarily. Our hotel is lovely. I spent time by the pool, had a bath and room service breakfast. We also went past our old Ceremonies Compound. It was a bit nuts. A lot of the props are still there. Phil told me that they can now write a bunch of them off, so maybe now they will look at auctioning. Crazy. Here are some photos of my time in Doha.

My Hotel Bedroom - I got upgraded to a King Suite!

The Bathroom

Room Service Breakfast

Pool Pano Shot

City of the Future and Asia Caravan Props still there

Old Groundcloth, some other bits and the Astrolabe

The Horse Ramp!

The LED Screen pieces - disassembled, but still there

Will try to get home for Christmas family, but considering it could be the last MN winter, I better try. My parents are moving to Bellingham, WA which is lovely, but we will all miss MN after 25+ years. Little brother Jonny will still be there, but no one else.
Can't believe the last 6 months of time in India has come to a close. It seems like I just arrived. I am very proud of what we did here. Now onto to the next place!
Love and miss you all,
Sarah xo


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