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Friday, December 13, 2013

More UAE life....

So apparently the vibe of the last post was that I haven't been doing any work at all.  I assure you that I have been.  I just have been enjoying my time not working as well.  Unfortunately this blog will have very little to do with work as well.  But I can tell you that one project has finished, and I have started on another one.  Moved out of Abu Dhabi and up towards Dubai.  Much much better for entertaining ourselves.  But as you will see, I have continued to entertain myself even in the countryside of Abu Dhabi.  Read on....

So the weekend of the F1 was great fun.  I got to see Mark Webber in one of his last races ever, which was nice.  The secret shopping was fab, and I am sure we were quite critical compared to your Average Joe attendant at the race, but we did have a blast.  Photos below....
The Track in the South Stand near the Marina
Mr Webber's Car....I think
All of the wristbands required to see Jay-Z in the VIP area...
Me living it up at the Viceroy the no kid area -- New Year's Eve coming soon to the Viceroy!
Some of the usual cars parked at the F1
Another Pool I was at during F1
Dawn and I also got invited to the Rugby Sevens by Andy Jackson from Delta Sound.  It is absolutely the best time ever in Dubai.  Not to be missed.  If you are ever planning a trip to Dubai, plan to come at the end of November so you can get along to it.  The Rugby Sevens is very fast and furious.  Everyone was fairly drunk and having a fab time.  I was dancing up a storm in our grandstand.  I loved it.  Thanks so much Andy for an amazing time.  Can't wait for next year!
The field
Dawn and I in our Delta Sound Rugby Tops
Our High Tea Break
Andy Jackson on the mega-camera
The 2nd of December was the 42nd UAE National Day.  We managed to avoid the big celebrations as traffic is a nightmare etc, but we did take in a lot of the decorations. 
Everyone decorates their cars...the lower the number plate, the more important you are.  We also saw a blue Bentley with 3 on it. 
Here is an entire building covered in LED in Abu Dhabi City
Our apartment block
Someone left me this little lunch box with chocolates in it...but ate all the chocolates!
I also managed to ensure my new friends in the UAE got to have Thanksgiving.  Due to the Rugby and National Day, it was about a week late, but we did it.  Giant 19lb/9kg turkey with all the usual stuff.  Another very fun day.
All carved up - I even did it myself this year.
Our apartment hotel was so excited that they even let me borrow their buffet dishes.
The usual pumpkin cheesecake, choc chip pecan pie along with a lovely trifle and birthday cake for Daz.
I need to head back to Abu Dhabi to get the rest of my stuff as I have moved up to Dubai now.  Here are a few of my favourite shots from Dubai thus far:
This is the canal near Jumeirah Beach Residence.
These are photos from an unannounced air show on Jumeirah Beach's a love heart!

This is Dubai's Marina Mall at night
Some of the many windowed buildings of Sheik Zayed Road
Me outside Burj Khalifa
Dawn and I went to dinner along the creek the other night and got to pick our own fish!!
And we had to wear bibs!
The Eye of the Emirates - haven't been on it yet though
This is the view from my new bedroom window.  Being by the water is a nice change!
The beach at sunset
My new bedroom with all the usual photos!
Just to prove I was actually doing some work, I have put in this photo.  I spent a fair bit of time in the site office, but I did get out on site a bit.  But it was usually on the days that I was really planning on it.  This photo is probably the silliest I ever looked.  A dress and all PPE.  Fantastic. 
That is about it for now.  I am here in Dubai until at least March at this stage.  Next year is getting a bit busy now, but as per usual, nothing I can really discuss just yet.  If you are headed to this region in the next few months, do let me know.  There is plenty of space in the apartment for friends.  I will be here for Christmas.  Am heading to a lovely restaurant in Dubai near the Burj Khalifa for lunch and perhaps a trip to the beach.  New Year's Eve is going to be on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi at the Viceroy.  Looking forward to that.  But I will be very busy working as well, I promise.  More to come in the next few posts I am sure.
Happy Holidays to all of you all over the world.  Be sure to catch up with me on Skype or Google Hangout to say hello over the ninternet video land.  
Love and miss you all!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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