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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A few weekends away from Baku.....

So I know I have been seriously slack updating the blog.  But it has been quite busy here!  I am heading to the US for Christmas very soon, but wanted to get this out.  So updates....
Back in early November, I organised a last minute trip to Tbilisi, Georgia with Rebekah, Atilla, Paddy and Joe.  We took the overnight train and spent the weekend wandering the city.  It was absolutely amazing.  If I end up with any time at the end, I may go back.  Summer in Tbilisi would be even better.
The Train
 Becks and I in our sleeper
 The view from the fortress
The Mother of Georgia
The breathtaking scenery....
I also flew off for a quick weekend for Melanie and Justin's wedding in Doha.  It was absolutely fabulous!  I stayed at the W Hotel, had brunch at the St Regis and partied at the wedding at the Four Seasons.  My kind of weekend.  The wedding was stunning.  It was nice to get dressed up and be in the warm weather. 
AG and I at brunch
All ready to go
My view from the church
The reception
Steph and Allen
Claire and Sophie
Table 9
The drone camera!
The end of the night
Not long after the wedding, I had the Cooper girls sleepover at my house.  It was a full weekend!  Games at Megafunland, pizza, popcorn and Frozen, and pancakes for breakfast.  I was exhausted, but we did all have fun.
Lily with all our tickets
Mia and I
Movie time...Let It Go...
The girls brushing teeth in my shower
 Breakfast time!
Then it started to get closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The city got colder.  We all started to stay indoors more and avoid the wind!  There isn't snow or anything, but it's definitely not summer anymore.  In usual fashion, I decorated the house a bit, took in the Christmas decorations around town and cooked a turkey for our Techsgiving Dinner.  Pumpkin pie and cheesecake for everyone. 
Pre-cooked turkey
Everyone starts to dig in
Dessert time
My Family Christmas Tree
I managed to organise a night to take my team to Megafunland as well.  It was mostly bowling and a silly 4D ride as the Laser Tag was broken, but we had a great time. 
Sophie was our proud winner
Soph and Harmos on the ride
Sabina, Jane, Daniel and DG
Jess and I
Jane tests out what we really want to use for getting around the stadium
We had a big Christmas party of course, but the post-day recovery cinema viewing of It's A Wonderful Life was exactly what I needed.  I followed it up with 2 more Christmas movies at home.
The cinema
Every time a bell rings...
Also in November, my amazing Grandma Rita turned 95.  We are all coming to Ohio for Christmas, so it will be lovely to see her.  Here she is with the flowers I sent her.
So I am off on Sunday for 2 weeks.  Looking forward to seeing everyone, especially little Nora Lee Grubb.  Then it will be back to Baku for full steam ahead!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.  
Lots of love,
Sarah xo


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