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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Opening Ceremony Complete!

So it has been a bit of time between posts, but it has been very busy!  There hasn't been a lot of socialising as we have been quite busy, but I wanted to get some photos up of some things. 
Outside of work and back in Oakland, CA, little Miss Nora Lee Grubb has her first birthday.  I know we spoiled her quite a lot, but she is worth it.  Grammy and Oscar flew out for the festivities.  She is talking quite a lot.  Have a look at this video:

Here is she on the Google Hangout just before she opened her present from me
Nora on her Radio Flyer Trike
We have managed to squeeze in a few fun things.  Here are some photos from around Baku in the past few months:
Harmos trying to about to take on the Monster Burger at Paul's Steakhouse including a steak as well as a burger
 Elliot and I at my fav restaurant Evde - he took the selfie
 The view from my happy hideaway at the Four Seasons Salon (it's finally warm and sunny!)
 The Heydar Aliyev Centre - still haven't been inside yet though
 Stanley and I with our Corona Beers & Mustaches
The Opening Ceremony has been and gone.  Now we are in the process of taking it all out.  Closing Ceremony will be on the 28th June.  Just putting all the final pieces together.  I fly out on the 15th July.  Can't believe I will have been here for 1 year.  Here are some Opening highlight shots.  Highlight video here.  Full Shabang here.
The venues & services team in the control room
My desk
The view from my seat during the carpet/skirt segment
Some of the rehearsal team with me
Show shots highlights

Lady Gaga
The Pomegranate
The bull
The final segment

Stadium Cauldron as it gets lit
Cauldron at full height
Bulvar Cauldron
 And the pyro shots

That about wraps up where we are at the moment. 14 days to go until Closing.  31 days until I fly back to the US.  47 days until the big European holiday. We are all putting the last few touches on the itinerary, but it is looking it will be quite the adventure.  Watch this space.
Hope everyone is well.
Will be back in the US for Grandma Rita's memorial service.  Looking forward to seeing everyone to celebrate her life.  She died on 31 January 2015 at the age of 95.  It was certainly great to see her at Christmas.  Here one more photo of our 4 generations from Christmas.  Love you Grandma!
And one of Grandma and I a few years back - this one hangs on my wall in Baku
Lots of love,