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Monday, June 06, 2016

Well that has been a whirlwind few weeks...

So since the last post, it has been insanely busy.  Getting packed up, moved into the new place, lots of visitors, even a quick trip away.  I thought I would get updating as there is still more to come very soon.  So here we go...
Before I was fully packed and moved out, Dave, Amanda and I went to the Winterthur Point to Point.  It is a horse jumping race at a big DuPont mansion property just over the state line in Delaware.  We got ourselves a 'tailgate' spot which allowed us to bring all of our own food and alcohol and park my car in our spot.  It was really fun.  It was a bit windy that day so we couldn't wear our hats all day, but we are already talking about next year.  It will be bigger next time!
Our inflatable cooler
Our picnic table
Us in our hats
Pretty much from then on, it was just non-stop packing for the move to my new house.  I am now nearly fully unpacked.  The basement is full of a few boxes, and so is the attic.  But it is overall looking quite good.  
 Coffee Table
 My bedroom (I hung the blinds myself)
 Living Room - to get rearranged very soon to accommodate a new desk!

My staircase and lovely brick wall
 Guest room #1 which has been used 4 times already!
So the very first visitor was the lovely Edwina Dethridge all the way from Melbourne.  She was able to bring me 2 whole suitcases full of my clothes from Australia.  We spent a couple days in NYC before heading back to Philadelphia for another couple of days.  We then went on a road trip to Newport, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Nantucket.  It was really lovely.  So much seafood, boats and lighthouses.  Plus all the mansions!
Ed and I in Manhattan

On our way, we stopped and visited a family friend of Ed's called Kieran.  He was a lovely host!
At the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island

The Gatsby house from the Redford film

This is the beach we stayed at on Cape Cod

More of Cape Cod

My fav seafood of the trip -- Stuffed Quahog
After Ed headed on her way to Boston/Chicago etc, my sister came into town.  For her 40th Birthday, I organised tickets for us to go see The Monkees in concert!  We worked out it was nearly 30 years since we saw them at MN State Fair, but it was definitely amazing.  They had Micky and Peter with a full band, Davy's vocals and apparently in the upcoming shows even Mike.  We had a blast.  Rachel was also the first Grubb guest at the new house.

For a brief one night only stay, Sonya Gandras and I went to my fav World Cafe Live to see Christine and the Queens.  What an amazing show with her crazy modern dancing boys.  We had a great time.
The latest visitor was Rebekah Hanbury over from Londontown.  We managed to hit up the local ice cream man, see the Wine and Jazz concert series at Longwood Gardens, visit Betsy Ross' House, Elfreth's Alley, get our nails done, have lovely Sunday brunch and make our own Pimms Cups.  Very jam packed few days!
At Longwood

 Our awesome brunch
Elfreth's Alley

 Betsy Ross House

Becks on the Pimms
So it has been a bit of a crazy few weeks, but at least the weather has been lovely and warm.  Mom and Dad actually arrive today.  We will be heading to South Carolina by the end of this week to see Brock, Amber and Nora to celebrate Nora's 2nd birthday!  Can't believe how fast the time has gone!
More to come very soon as it is already panning out to be a very busy summer.
Lots of love,


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