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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

10 years of blogging -- and the adventures continue....

So I realised that on the 21st July 2016, I surpassed the 10 year mark of writing this blog.  It is absolutely crazy to think about all of the things I have done over that time period.  I am sure if you told me way back when I started university what that 10 year period would contain, there was no way I would have believed you.  I really appreciate the time I had overseas and am loving being in my own home now.  What I love the most is how many amazing people I have met along the way.  I still love hearing back from people after each post is released on what is happening with them.  I still appreciate my Facebook free lifestyle.  I am still travelling.  I am not sure if I will ever entirely stop.
Some of my personal blog highlights include:
Overall it has been pretty fantastic.  I hope you all have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.  I have no intention of retiring it any time soon either, so here's to another 10 years.  But going through all the posts and seeing the numerous weddings, births, birthdays, nights out, life changing visits, amazing friends etc has really made me feel lots of positive vibes in this odd Brexit/Trump/Pauline Hanson/Phase of Fear we are kind of sitting in currently.  You really can be united across oceans.  And hopefully those of us who have seen that first hand will do what we can to prove it to the non-believers.  

Soapbox complete.

Onto the current update.....
So I have done a bit more work around the house.  It has been about getting things on the wall, the backyard looking a bit more presentable etc.  I have larger plans for the backyard with a patio, garage, pergola, BBQ, planter boxes etc, but for now, we just keep it nicely mowed by my 15 year old neighbour and turn on the festooning in the evenings.
I also managed to finish a long ago designed art project.  I had purchased a typographical world map in Australia several years ago.  With the help of a great custom framer, we put it together with a lot of my photos from all over the world.  It looks absolutely perfect on the exposed brick wall.  Most people say it looks much better in person, but with the strings you can chase back to where each photo was taken.  I love it.  And I can change it whenever as it doesn't have glass on it.
I also managed to get one of my favourite lyrics up in the house as a bit of staircase art.
So Philly has been on the world stage lately thanks to the Democratic Convention being held here.  I didn't watch all of it as I was out of town for work for some of it, but I did manage to see a few who were in town for work.  I also had a quick drive through visit from Aiya all the way from Dubai and lovely fiance Pete.  We had lovely Campo's Cheesesteaks and did the usual Philly Old City things.  
 Philly looks great!
 Lego Liberty Bell
My favourite sign in the whole convention
As I said, I was gone for a bit of the convention down in Orlando.  I did have a little bit of time to hit up Harry Potter World in Universal Studios.  Sadly, Peggy Grubb did not attend this time, but I am sure we will get back there together at some point!  It was really fun, and some of the rides were fabulous!
A few photos
Mel and Dave on the Hogwarts Express
Dave being resourceful during our load out
So then it was a quick trip up to NYC as Stanley came into town!  We hit up 3 rooftop bars in about 4 hours, had some delicious burgers, stayed at The Jane, brunched in the morning, and double downed the beers at McSorleys before heading back to Philly on the train.
Rooftop 1
 Surprise Guests Joe Frisina and Tom Davies aka Davles
Stanley on the platform
 Back in Philly at the house

The first full day in Philly, we actually headed up to Amish Country in Lancaster County.  It was a jam packed day.  We started at a huge flea market, then went to a traditional (and extremely large) smorgasbord, then toured the Amish farm to collect my fortnightly veggie box, then we closed out the day with a trip on the Strasburg train.  It was so cute and lovely.
 These are real names of the towns up there....seriously.
Train time...

 Of course back at home Stanley supplied me with more Pimms!
The following day we got up early and drove to DC.  We did the super quick tour as Al Cameron was in town with Cirque.  We hit Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument before enjoying some mimosas and Buffalo Cauliflower at a rooftop bar near the White House.  Then we headed off to see Al, the matinee and drove back to Philly.
Lincoln's impressive dedication

 Washington Monument and reflecting pool
Rooftop DC Style

 Us with the White House in the background
 Cirque-tastic with Al

As you can probably imagine, the next 100 days or so our country will be bombarded with ads about the upcoming election.  I listened to Hillary's speech.  I donated.  I will campaign.  We will stop Trump.  Love Trumps Hate.  Always.  Does seem very strange to me to have left during the 2000 debacle to return to this, but I am determined to be actively involved this time.  #nevertrump.
And I had to include this.  I have Pokemon Go on my phone, but have refused to start playing, mostly because I know I will get crazy addicted.  Instead, I will sit on my video game chair in my Nintendo Room practicing Beatles tunes on Rockband.  But will secretly play along with anyone who wants to catch Pokemon when they are at my house or out and about with me!
Anyway, hope everyone is well.  Definitely keep stopping by when you are in the East Coast area.  I am totally loving having the visitors...and obviously any excuse to get up to Manhattan!
Lots of love,


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