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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A big event at home and a trip back to Texas

So the summer here in Philly is slowly coming to an end, which always bums me out a bit.  But with the current 90f/32c temps still, it's hard to believe it is truly over yet.  I did manage to get a few fun things in at home and while away.
All of my friends in Rio had their moment this month of course.  And I celebrated along with them with my big housewarming party.  I got a couple of giant TVs for the backyard, organised some pretty decent BBQ catering and invited a few people around as we enjoyed the show.  I didn't want to watch NBC's delayed coverage of the show, so we VPN'd into Canada to watch a live broadcast.  Unfortunately for most my guests, the VPN timed out during the Athletes' Parade, which normally wouldn't bother anyone.  It is usually way too long and boring, but of course, it was just as Team USA arrived.  But luckily for me, I didn't miss my Aussies.  Everyone thought I did it on purpose.  A good time was had by all.  Special appearance by Al Cameron visiting from DC who helped me finish building my outdoor bar unit which Stanley and I began a few weeks prior.  Photos below.
Load/bump in begins
The basic set up
TVs running

Team Australia
The Cauldron Moment
The finished outdoor bar
The food
Newly installed front porch lighting
Post party leftovers - emptying kegs is boring and unfortunately the TVs had to go back
Before the housewarming, I did manage to get a few more things up on the wall...this being one of my favs
I got to have a quick dinner catch up with the lovely Amy Murray in Lancaster.  It was very nice to see her so close by!  Humid night - thus the blur.
I had yet another anniversary of turning 30 which was again not that happy of an event for me.  But luckily, Sara Van Aernum came to town from Houston.  We crammed in a lot.  We had high tea, got our hair done, went to Longwood Gardens for Nightscape (where our hair got ruined in the humidity) and had a lovely brunch.  Good anniversary weekend overall.  
My work bought me this cute cake
 Our very full day
For work, I ended up on another job in Dallas, so of course, I planned to stick around a bit in Texas.  This time I headed to Austin.  Sadly, Ola and Joan were in Sweden, but I did manage to hit a few good places.  Sara came over from Houston. Sadly Bob got caught up in some big problems with new high school schedules, so he couldn't join.  But it was great.  We went to The Oasis on Lake Travis, the Alamo Drafthouse for Master Pancake Theater, 6th St, Le Garage Sale and just spent some time with our cats and chickens by our lovely pool.  (I know we sound old!)  Before I left Dallas, I was able to sit by the newly renovated swim up pool bar with Ed Clay.  I later enjoyed their waterslides and lazy river.  Sometimes travelling for work has its advantages for sure.  

Ed and I in the pool, plus a piece of the Berlin Wall which is at that hotel for some reason.  Good thing I saw the real one too!
 Sunset at The Oasis
 A bit of Day One - Yes Whataburger was a big tick as well.
 Day Two
 Day Three
I haven't seen Sausage Party yet (we saw Forrest Gump), but the Alamo Drafthouse had exclusive Sausage Party Colouring books, so I had to buy one....not for sale to minors of course!
So that brings you up to now.  I am heading to the airport tonight to collect AG. He has a bit of a break from his Rio activities.  My parents will be here for Labor Day weekend, which will mostly be about projects for the house!  Hopefully some time for relaxing as well.  Not looking forward to it being cold again, but a little bit cooler will be nice.  Am hoping to do a 5k this fall, so let's see how that goes.
Keep dropping if you are in the area.  I love the visitors.
Lots of love,


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