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Sunday, November 06, 2016

Long time between posts....Sorry!

So I haven't posted anything for quite some time....sorry about that.  It has been a bit busy.
AG stopped through between the Olympics and Paralympics.  He got to see the house, visit some historical landmarks and eat a Philly Cheesesteak.  He even made it to the King of Prussia Mall before me, and he did it on public transport.  How hilarious.
AG's Photo Montage of Philly
After AG, it was Labor Day weekend.  So Mom and Dad came back for a few days.  There wasn't quite as many jobs to do around the house this time, but we got a things few done.  We went to a BBQ at Mom's cousin house and went to see Nightscape at Longwood.  They still have yet to have a Hoagie, but hopefully they will next time. 
 Mom and Dad got a bit tired!
We hung up the handmade stained glass window I got as a housewarming present
After Mom and Dad left, I had a couple trips to DC.  I love heading down there.  I was hoping to get to the new African American History Museum, but there is a wait until March!  Hopefully I will get there eventually.  
Union Station
Washington Monument

Of course, it has started to get a bit colder in the past few months.  It still isn't awful, but I know winter is coming.  
Autumn Sunset
Pumpkin season
I did a bit of work on the Feastival event in Philly.  It is a big fundraising event for the Fringe Festival here where local area restaurants all come together to serve food to the wealthy Philadelphians.  It was really fun.  
Some shots from the night
I decorated for Halloween and the election season.  Did some canvassing for Hillary.  I even hosted a couple of her staffers for a couple of weeks.  Scott and Frankie were really fun.  All of us will be watching on Tuesday very closely.  While they were here, we had 3 puppy visitors.  I have been doing some temporary dog fostering.  The puppies were cute, but lots of work.
My house - decorations and new door paint!
My day of canvassing

The Trump Chia Pet
Frankie and Scott with the puppies
Me with Minnow
I also got to do a few Halloween things.  I visited the Eastern State Penitentiary to see their Halloween scary tour.  It was great, and I really want to go back in the day time.  I also handed out candy to the local neighbourhood kids.  To close out Halloween, I headed into the city for rollerskating at the Fillmore.  I dressed as Melania Trump and my friend Mary dressed as Pinocchio Trump.  We had a great time!
Terror Behind the Walls
Halloween Prep
Melania ready to go
At the roller skating

I also stopped in to Longwood Gardens again with my friend Kelly to see there Night of 1000 Lights.  They do a big display of Chinese Lanterns.  This is before their big Christmas display, but it looked really nice.  
Longwood Mums and Lanterns

So I am looking forward to Jonny and Chris coming to visit in December, especially since they just got married!!!  It surprised us all, but I can't wait to see them.  I am heading to Ohio for Christmas, and then it's our busy travel season...bring on the trips to warm places like Orlando and Vegas!
More to come.
Lots of love,