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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Holidays done and busy season begins

So again I have been a bit slack, but the holidays are busy....on to the updates.

Obviously the whole world knows what happened on Nov 8th in this country.  I think I spent the time between then and the inauguration not listening to any public radio at all, barely reading the news and since I removed cable TV from my life, not really watching any news either.  I think I was hoping it hadn't really happen.  But it did.  It's all too real.  I can't really speak about it.  

I did have a good Thanksgiving.  I drove to Ohio with my friend Mary who also lives near Mom and Dad.  I cooked the turkey.  It was a great time.  I just really wanted to see my parents after the huge early Nov devastation.  We had a great time.  
The Meal with Mom and Dad
I helped out on the West Chester Charity Ball -- a fundraiser for a local family homeless shelter.  The theme was Winter Wonderland.  I stage managed the night and got our AV supplier to donate some lighting.  It was very successful.  The band had one of the original members of Flock of Seagulls.  He was so lovely.  We had a great time!
The Charity Ball Photos
Jonny and Chris came to visit a couple weeks after Thanksgiving.  They had recently got married, so we had to celebrate!  We had a lot of friends over for a belated Thanksgiving.  We also went out to Longwood for the Christmas lights, had a lovely meal and big brunch in the city.  So good for them to get the see Philly, the house etc.
A Late Thanksgiving/Early Christmas Dinner at mine

The Succulent Tree at Longwood
I also had another quick visit with Gabriel who brought a rescue dog all the way from Turkey.  Even though we had quite the snow, Gabriel made it here with May, we delivered her to my dog rescue and she already has a new home!
Gabriel was pretty wrecked!
May makes herself at home
The Snow in my Backyard
I went home for Christmas for a few days to see Mom and Dad.  We managed to get to see most of the Ohio family, even Judy and Tim which was nice.  I got some great gifts, including Cards Against Humanity so that will be good fun.  But the best was seeing little Nora Lee open her presents via Google Hangout.  The dollhouse was a big hit.
Breakfast on Christmas Morning
Nora with her Dollhouse
My Christmas baking for everyone at work
Anne Marie surprised me with a last minute visit on New Years!  We had a few friends and neighbours over at my place for drinks and canap├ęs.  It was really fun and lovely to see her over here.  New Year's Eve in winter is so much worse than in summer!  How I miss Australia then.
Me and Anne Marie on NYE
I have already done one job in our busy season in Orlando.  It was a very full on week, but I did manage to hit Universal to catch up with Tom B.  We had a lovely meal at Toothsome.  I also made him and Brady go on the huge Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster and of course the Escape Through Gringotts.  Al came up from Miami to spend the weekend at Disney.  It was a massive day.  We hit pretty much all of my favourites, although the Tower of Terror was broken when we headed there.  We were there from 9am-11pm.  It was a mammoth 3-park effort.  But it was great.  Even managed to pick up a personalised umbrella for little Nora Lee.
Toothsome & Harry Potter
Al and I at Cinderella's Castle
The crazy day
I went to the Women's  March in Philly on the Saturday after the moron's inauguration.  My neighbour went with me with her 2 little kids.  We ran into her sisters and some friends of mine.  It was amazing to be a part of it.  #westandtogether #thisiswhatdemocracylookslike
Sara, Clarky, Johnny and I
Heading out to Vegas in February.  Going to stop in Seattle afterwards to visit Brock, Amber and Nora, Kelly and Rob, Josie and Dan and even Lydia, Michael and Eden!  I have another trip to Vegas in sticking around that time for a bit of relax.  Then in April I am off back to Australia for a visit.  I am sure that will be here in a flash.
Hope you all are well.  Visitors still welcome in Philly anytime, even surprise ones!



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