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Monday, June 05, 2017

Summer has arrived...along with the some travelling

It has been a bit of time since the last post, so I thought I would get this updated a bit.  In early May, Kelly and I drove down to South Carolina to see Spoon in Charleston.  It was quite the adventure as we ended up driving straight into a tornado area in the dark.  We ended up having to stop in Myrtle Beach for the night and continue our drive to Pawleys first thing the following morning.  But the show was great.  And of course, we stopped at Pawleys Island Tavern.  The Music Farm was an amazing venue.  Totally worth the trip.

 Then that Sunday, a bunch of us got dressed up for the steeplechase at Point to Point at Winterthur.  It was fabulous.  The weather wasn't quite cooperative, but we utilised the work minivan quite well for the occasional downpours!  There was still plenty of Pims Cups so we didn't mind.

 I also managed to get up to Manhattan again to see Andrew Garrod.  We also got to experience Sleep No More.  I totally recommend it to everyone who stops in to Manhattan.  And pay for your own table in the bar.  It was worth it!  We didn't really have time to have dinner, but luckily in NYC you can eat any time of night!  So late night slices it was.
I was invited to head down to Orlando to work on the opening of the new Volcano Bay Waterpark at Universal Studios Orlando with the lovely Tom Bisignano.  I was looking after our cast holding compound in the building contractors' area.  I had some great crew helping me sort it out.  We got it all put together, but then it torrentially rained!  And it turned into a swamp.  So with a quick reorganisation and a move inside, my compound was essentially abandoned.  But I did get to use the RV as my site office on show day which was lovely.  Everything went well, and thanks to Al Cameron, the kiwis came and performed beautifully.  The show was a huge success!
My crew
 The Compound before the rain
 My key rack
 The Compound after the rain
 The Park
 Rewi and Me
Back at home, I was really eager to get the summer off to a good start over Memorial Long Weekend.  Stoney came over and meticulously built the BBQ, so we could make dinner which pretty much lasted the entire weekend.  
 We also hung up my fabulous teepee hammock

 And I managed to get someone to help me build the new gazebo as well!
There are a few more details to get done - like some veggies planted, the outdoor rug, the cornhole. But for the most part, it is definitely time for living outside.  I even worked out that the internet wasn't that fabulous in the hammock, so I bought a wifi extender to spend computing hours out there too.

I am currently in Dallas for work.  Our load in went really well, and we managed to get away from the hotel for a bit to check out The Sixth Floor Museum.  It was really interesting, especially so close to what would have been JFK's 100th birthday.  Worth checking out when you are in Dallas for sure.
Coming up this summer, I will be in Baltimore in a couple of weeks for work.  I am also planning on hitting a lot of summer in PHL events like Chinese Lantern Festival, A big antiques festival, strawberry picking, amazing ice cream shops, Griffin House at a winery, Longwood Gardens, and all of that is just in June!
Around the 4th of July, Mom, Dad, Brock, Amber, Nora and Malcolm are coming to visit which should be great fun.  I can't wait.  End of July is a quick trip back to MSP for the high school reunion. Then August has work trip to Nashville (with most likely an extended visit with Sara there).  Then back up to MSP for Chris and Jonny's wedding celebration.  
I hope it doesn't go too fast!!!
Visitors always welcome to Philly!
Lots of love,


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