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Monday, July 17, 2017

Summering on....

I am still totally enjoying the summer.  Unfortunately, I feel like it might be going a tad bit too quickly, but it's still warm now for the moment.

I did get to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Philly which was really cool.  It feels like ages ago now.  But the photos were amazing:

I also starting growing my veggie garden.  It is crazy now, but here it is a couple weeks in.  I also got some lovely hardwood labels courtesy of Sawdust Siren!

Stoney and I also managed to run in the 5k Color Run.  We got to run on the field of the Phillies Stadium!  Plus we got covered in color.  Glad we finished.  Could still deal with some more training!
I also had a quick site visit trip to Chicago where we were crazily wined and dined.  I love Chicago in summer!  But doing a gig there in January was going to be very different!  Here are some photos of the amazing food creations:

The view from my room
Over the 4th of July week, I had Mom, Dad, Brock, Amber, Nora and Malcolm visit.  It was a great time!  We did so many things!  

Mom and Dad arrived first, so we went to a Phillies Game, had a quick view of my local 4th of July parade and watched the Philly fireworks on a boat on the river.  It was great fun!
At the Phillies Game
Fourth of July

When Brock and fam arrived, it wasn't the best weather at first, but we managed to get a lot activities accomplished.  We hung out in my hammock, read books inside, did some craft projects, got taught how to do yoga, danced to Justin Timberlake all in the first 24 hours!  Meeting Malcolm for the first time was fun too.  
Hammock time (Nora's Nest)
Reading The Three Silly Girls Grubb
Malcolm in his BONDS Wondersuit
Day 1

We also got to go to the fabulous Please Touch Museum here in Philly.  It was amazing.  Nora loved the Carousel and the Doctor's Office the best I think.  I liked when she got to paint the white roses red in the Alice in Wonderland section.  She also loved crunching the snow in the storybook land of Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day.
The kids got to try out the pool I got them once the weather cleared up.  Nora spent hours in it.  Malcy Max wasn't so sure!
On the Saturday, we had a big BBQ with quite a few guests over to meet everyone.  It was an amazing day.  Weather was perfect and everyone had fun.  I wish I had more video footage of Nora.  She was a life of the party for sure.  
Grammy and Oscar with Malcolm
Nora helps make the corn on the cob for our BBQ
It was a great time.  Lucky for all of us, Chris and Jonny are having their wedding party in August in Minneapolis, so we will all be together for that.  I am heading to NYC next weekend to just catch up with some people and see a couple shows.  I also have my upcoming 20 year high school reunion, also in Minneapolis.  I have a trip to Nashville for work in August as well, plus some hang time there with Sara VA.  Then I am home for a while.  
I have a visitor at the moment too.  Just for the week, this lovely foster dog, Roy is hanging at my house while his foster is on vacation.  He has been such a good pup so far.  He technically is available for adoption, but I am realizing having a dog on your own is really tricky! My next door neighbours used to have a dog just like him, so who knows, maybe he will live next door to me!  It has been a great trial run for me.  I may not be quite ready to be a full blown dog owner though.  He has been amazing so far though.  I got quite luckily actually that he's such a sweet guy.
The lovely Roy
Hope all is well with everyone.  More to come soon with these upcoming trips I am sure!
Lots of love,
Sarah xo
PS Fall in Philly is lovely for anyone needing a place to visit, drop in center etc. 


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