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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Way long overdue....happy holidays to all!

This has been quite a long break without a post!  Jeez.  Sorry.  I will try to catch you all up....

Unfortunately I left Nashville too early to catch the Solar Eclipse, but luckily I received a pair of glasses in a Christmas Card last year from the Morbecks, so I did get to watch from our office's back patio.  Really cool.  Apparently the next one will be better for Philly so will hang on to the glasses!
Also had time to do some big time gardening....but man does that feel like a long time ago!  Can't wait to see if the Lilac Bush gets bigger!
Over labor day weekend, Mom, Dad, Rusanne and Jack came to visit.  There were a few projects to get done, but mostly we just had a good time!  The biggest achievement was replacing the chandelier in the dining room.  I think you will agree it's amazing.
We also headed out to Longwood for their fireworks/fountains show.  It was spectacular.  Can't wait to see what they do next year out there. 

After they left, I did some redecorating in the spare room.  Finally changed some paint and put up a custom art project above the bed.  It is the pages of a travel guide of London from 1915.  It turned out amazing.  Awaiting more visitors!
Worked on the Feastival event again.  This year we were able to have it outside and the event was really good fun! Much better than pouring rain and cold!

AG came to visit relatively near to Halloween - so we went on a tour of an old asylum.  Probably wasn't as good as it could have been, but we are pretty critical public event goers.  We also hit my fav brunch in the city, The American Sardine Bar, and it was nearly like a summer day.  It was perfect!

Unfortunately, AG missed the Halloween party itself.  I made Trump Dia De Los Muertos cake and turned up as Kelly Anne Conway.  My friends Dave and Julie (who is pregnant) came as Juno and showed me up with their creepy meet skull appetizer plate.  This party finished late into the night thanks to Jackbox Games. 

In November, I took Mom to Universal Studios in Orlando to fulfill her long time dream to see Harry Potter World.  I had been a couple of times before, but managed to spend a really decent amount of time checking it all out.  We stayed on the property, got an interactive wand, did the spells, ate at 3 Broomsticks, bought merch and fast passed our way through pretty much every ride they had!  It was really fun.

Immediately following my trip to Orlando, I flew out to Las Vegas for LDI.  Got to catch up with Ola and Joan.  Saw some crazy technology.  Had A LOT of Tacos and Beer.  Managed to surprisingly come across Adrian Riddell and his Opera Australia team.  So I can finally say I met Cliffy!  So good to see them.

Headed back to Ohio for Thanksgiving after months of training for the neighbourhood Turkey Trot 5K.  Finished it all and with a pretty good time too.  Mom and Dad did the mile walk.  But we all felt good that morning!  We went to the country club for Thanksgiving dinner, but we managed to make a few things for home leftovers.

Got back home then it was straight into decorating mode.  With Mom and Dad spending Christmas at mine, it was important that it look great!
Worked on my Charity Ball again this year.  It was super fun and successful yet again -- even more money raised than last year.  A lovely random attendee won an auction item I had lost out on and ended up gifting it to me.  Was so great!
I fit in a quick night in New York.  Caught up with Josh Zangen, Lisa (the show caller from the opening of the water park in Universal) and Anne Tanaka.  Saw the Rockettes, the tree and the Saks windows, had high tea, walked the highline and did a bit of shopping.  Was so good to be there then.  I don't think I ever had been in winter, so it was lovely to experience it.  Will be back next year for sure.

We had a competition at work for the best Christmas Office Door Decorations.  With the release of the latest movie (and some good photoshop work), we did a Star Wars theme door.  Have a look at the 'show'.  Pretty impressive I say -- and we won.  Unfortunately, this video doesn't capture the amazing silly string shot out of one of the guns (it had a minor malfunction), but hopefully you will still be impressed:
Mom and Dad are here now.  We did Winterthur's Christmas tour and went to Longwood again to see their displays. We get to spend Christmas Day with Mom's cousin Kathleen and her family.  We had to do our family gift exchange slightly early as Brock and fam are heading to Mexico.  But as you can see it was a bit success.  The kids are getting so big!
 Malcolm works out his crawl through tunnel
 Nora is Thing 1 - Malcolm wasn't as into his wig!
Matching Christmas PJs
My travel plans for 2018 have changed slightly.  Looks like I will be San Diego in Jan, Chicago in Feb and Orlando in March.  Then hopefully planning somewhere new for a holiday in Summer!  Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!  All the best in 2018.  Drop by anytime!
Lots of love,
Sarah xo