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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

10 Years of Blogging...but so silent lately!

I am feeling pretty crap about the blog.  It is now officially over 10 years old, and this, its 10th year of existence, has been its least posted one so far.  How terrible of me.  I am still Facebook free though, so that is a good outcome.  Let's get updating.

Spring went very fast.  It was winter and then it was summer.  I did spend some time with my cousin Bill and his family in Tampa after a work trip.  We went to see the hockey team there, and we sat on the glass on St Patrick's Day.  It was a blast.
Bill and I all ready to go
My Green Beer
Just some close up hockey action
Then I had a bit of time at home which was lovely.  Made it to the Chinese Lantern Festival in Philly.  Also went to my first Philly Union match.  Both were great and worth hitting again.  
Chinese Lantern Festival

Philly Union - they lost, but I would definitely go again
My friend from work Kelly and I went down to DC to see Beck.  That was fabulous. There is great new venue on the water down there called Anthem.  Definitely worth checking out.  We stayed right on the water, had great food that night and really enjoyed the show.  
Crazy packed Beck at Anthem
In June, Anne Tanaka and Antony Montanari came down to see the first half of the amazing Taylor Mac show in Philly.  12 hours.  12 decades of music in America from 1776-1896.  Definitely the single most entertaining show I have ever been to!  Unfortunately, none of us could go to the 2nd half the following weekend, but I am sure it was fab.  I am hoping he writes a new decade for when this country turns 250 years old.  Thank you Melb Friends for not shutting up about it.  It definitely made me not miss it.  Oh and James Franco was in the audience.  But we barely noticed because the show was so magnificent.  
Beautiful Balloon Costume
The 'Mars'kado
Anne Tanaka's Drag Wig Addition
I got a few friends together to head to the Chester County Polo Cup.  We got ourselves a tent next to the field.  There was a decorating competition.  We chose a Harry Potter Theme.  And we went all out.  It poured with rain for most of the day.  But we braved it, and it paid off.  We won the competition!  So next year we get a tent for free.  We are already thinking about the next theme.  How I love winning things!
Some of our amazing food
My Sorting Hat Cupcakes - bite in to see which house you end up in!
Some of our awesome props
The photo of some of us after we won
I took a couple trips out to San Diego.  When I went in June, I went up to Seattle afterwards to see Brock, Amber, Nora and Malcolm.  It was really fun, except poor little Nora fractured her kneecap.  But luckily, Auntie Sarah could extend her trip to help entertain her.  We did so many awesome things together, including a fun day at the zoo -- she was in the stroller a lot, but we did have fun.  I also think we made about 40 different crafts.  She is so talented!  Little Malcolm is getting around amazing and loves his big sister.
The kids and their sunnies

Malcolm at the park
Malcolm's bunny ears
Nora's little injury with Mt Rainier in the background
During our movie sleepover afternoon

At the zoo

I then headed back to Philly to meet my parents for our trip to South Carolina for the 4th July.  It was much cooler down there than in Philly so it was a big relief.  That being said, it was still really warm!  Just not as bad as Philly.  We made it to the beach, saw more Chinese Lanterns at Brookgreen Gardens, ate at our favorite restaurants, spent a lot of time in the relatively warm pool and made some cute Firecracker Jello.  Really nice and relaxing.
Huntington Beach State Park
The Firecracker Jello
Me at the Pawleys Island Tavern
I had to head back to Philly for one more quick trip to Huntington Beach, CA for a site visit.  Lucky for us, Charles Barkley was on our plane.  I sadly didn't get a selfie with him, but here is my friend Fran with him.  He was super lovely.  So in a week I saw 2 Huntington Beaches - one east coast, one west coast.  
 The amazing view from my hotel room
So now I am home for a while.  This will be nice.  I have a few people coming to visit.  It looks like I will have some jury duty to serve!  I can enjoy my recently upgraded basement.  I had to spend quite a bit of money to ensure it stays dry from now on.  So hopefully I can get the basement cinema happening soon.  Will hopefully get up to NYC before the summer is over.  I have a trip back to California in September.  Should make it out to LDI this year as well.  Other than that, I should be around.  
Let me know if you plan to be in the area.  I always have room and am not far from NYC or DC!
Lots of love,


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