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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Still Hot in Doha

So I have been able to take a couple more photos. We had quite an adventure on Wednesday night. Amy Wee, Philby and I all went down to the Souqs. The Souqs are markets. Some of them have more traditional stuff like spices, nuts, pipes etc. Some of them have electronics. l was able to get a wireless signal booster for my apartment!

Anyway, so we came across this shop that sells toys for kids. This camel is what I came out of the shop with. We talked them down in the price because we actually left with 4 camels. If I ever work out how to post a video on here I will have to. Press a button on it and it actually sings something in Arabic...don't ask me what they are singing...and its eyes glow red! I did turn it on before I took this photo, but I don't think it has the same effect.

When we walked into the old Souq which is where the more traditional stuff is and I came across the ultimate kitschy item. I must have it. I didn't take a photo yet, but once I go back to the Souq and buy it, I will. It was a rug with the Emir's (the highest Sheik) photo weaved into it. I think it would make a great bath mat or something!! Just kidding, I will find a place for it though. I must have it!

Also while at the Souq we came across this building which is the Islamic Centre of study. They have classes in Arabic for free every Weds night and I would like to do them but I think I will be working nights mostly so I guess I may just miss out. Maybe I can organise my day off to be on Weds. You learn about the culture and how to speak Arabic. I think it would be amazing. Maybe at somepoint...The little green exposure circles on the photo is probably the humidity fogging up my camera!

Yeah so that was my trip to the Souqs. I sat in the pool most of the day on Friday and when I first got out there, the Friday prayers were being said over the PA system again. I think Allah was every second word. The water in the pool is hot, but nice for just sitting in. Had a great Seafood dinner on Friday night and lots of beers by the pool on Thurs. Must remember to drink lots of water whilst drinking beer! The dehydration factor here is so great!

Today we are going to the pub to watch Rugby Union Australia v New Zealand. Not that know anything about rugby or even care. In fact, at the moment I just want to know how my magpies are going! We do get a bit of AFL here but I think it is about 3 weeks old or maybe even 3 years old who knows! Arabic sports channels on satelite could play anything they like! Will have to catch up on the web with the Pies....Good Old Collingwood forever.....

That's about it really for now. Finally starting to get a bit of colour in my skin. Come December I will carry a permanent tan I am sure! Much nicer than my pasty white Minnesota flesh. Don't think after day after day of over 100f/40c I will ever be ready for Minnesota winter, but we can wait and see! Might head back there when it gets a bit warmer maybe....who knows. Gotta see what the next gig holds!

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