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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Wow - so much has changed

I realized that I hadn't updated this for a very long time.  And man, how the world has changed.  Looking back at the last post makes me very glad I did that amazing trip with my parents last summer.  A world where you go on a cruise across the Atlantic, drive through 4 countries and fly back to the US for a fun holiday seems ages away now.  So glad we got to see everything we did back then...including my friend James Corden.

I feel like I need to give some perspective on what it is like to be in this country in this crazy time.  Most of you know about my absolute dedication to my political beliefs.  I am definitely very lucky to have experienced all different cultures and politics, and I try to take all the best I have absorbed into my life everyday.  But the state of this nation now is definitely not what I ever thought I would see, even though I absolutely knew Trump would be such a horrible leader.  No idea it would get quite this bad.  

I watched the Democratic Convention with Mom & Dad in Ohio.  I am ready for change.  It isn't going to be easy to get this place to some semblance of normalcy, but I do feel that Joe and Kamala can get us there.  I will probably not sleep that much during the election, but I am hopeful that this time most people are getting the message that if they ever felt their vote didn't matter that this is the time it truly does!  I am keen to get our international reputation back and 4 more years of this nonsense just can't happen.  Like many who have been speaking, it could get way worse so we must all do our part to ensure that can't happen.  Sometimes I wish all of my international friends and family could take part in selecting our leader as it has such a massive impact on the world at large.  But to those of you far away, trust me, I will do whatever I can to change the scene so we can Build Back Better starting day 1 - 20 Jan 2021.  

I suppose there may be a few who disagree with me on this Trump stuff.  But I have never shied away from my political views.  I ask you to genuinely think of the future for your children, grandchildren and their children.  We want them to have a planet that is safe, an economy that can thrive and a society that cares for everyone.  Surely everyone could agree with that.  We owe to future generations who cannot vote to do what's right by them.  And the rest of the world wants that too.

I did want to reflect on a few fun things that have happened since our lives completely changed. 

I made it out to Seattle to see Brock, Amber, Nora and Malcolm for Thanksgiving.  Mom and Dad came too.  We ran in the Turkey Trot and had a lovely time.   We even got to see some of the Hennessey clan of cousins at the Seattle Aquarium.  It was so great to see them.  Hopefully at some point we can see them in person again. For now, we play a lot of House Party and get to see the kids perform on our fortnightly Zoom calls with the Grubb Fam Jam.   

The Turkey Trot

I did get up to NYC at Christmas time.  It was really fun.  I went with my friend Sarah.  We saw a parody of Love Actually just off Broadway.  We had dinner at the Plaza.  I even managed to catch up with a Turkish friend of mine who I met in Baku.  Sarah and I really enjoyed the Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park.  Totally worth seeing when our lives come back.
The Carousel
Dinner at the Plaza
Bahar and I at brunch
I was also fortunate enough to get to see Rex Orange County in February at the Fillmore in Philadelphia - the last live concert I saw.  He was spectacular.  I cannot wait to get to see him again someday.  What a talented dude.  His tunes were played a lot in the first few weeks of all of this.  
I was also super happy to have fit in a trip to the beach in February with some girls.  We rented a house in Bethany Beach, DE.  We had lovely meals - both out and at home, played lots of games, watched fun movies and drank lots of wine!  We do manage to catch up on Zoom or even some social distant backyard catch ups together now.  But so grateful for the trip.
I am now in Ohio with my parents.  And this is my second time here since lockdown began.  It is nice to be able to work from anywhere, and I am thankful that my work is so flexible for all of us right now.  I did get to visit with Grandma Grubb at her nursing home - outdoors, masked up and physically distant.  (Thanks Kelly White for her mask!)  I will go again next week at some point too.
I have managed to get addicted to the Peloton app during this time.  I bought a cheap bike and have already rode over 1300 miles.  I am proud to say I fit into clothes from 10 years ago!  It has absolutely changed my life.  Dad and Mom also have bikes now too, so look out!  We are all getting fit.
I also managed to get myself an adult sized kiddie pool which has been great for beating the horrible heat and humidity in Philly.  I do have AC but it was nice to have another room to cool off in.  I have listened to many NPR stories out there and some audiobooks too.  I think it was the busiest summer for my swimsuits in ages.
Being from Minneapolis, the George Floyd murder was horrifying to comprehend, but I believe things will change here - again with a new administration come January.  I was proud to participate in local events in Philly and have been taking a lot of time out to educate myself as much as possible.  The hat in the photo above I got at the Lorraine Motel - the MLK Jr museum in Memphis.  It says Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History.  I will do everything I can to get into Good Trouble. Hopefully I will make a difference.  Even though the first photo below is so sad from our beloved Minneapolis, the photo of George Floyd's daughter says it all.  Her daddy really did change the world.

To all my beloved event working friends and family, keep your chins up.  I think the biggest thing we have learned during all of this is that virtual is not better.  It is a way to maintain connection, but nothing will ever top in person meetings and events, culture and performances.  They will return again.  And when they do, it will be the biggest party ever.  I am sure that the sentence below will ring true with many of you.  
Here's hoping that 2021 will start off with Joe and Kamala bringing hope and transformation.  And that we never again see that horrible ignorant moron again.  
I should have mentioned - everyone in our family is able to do their jobs from home, except my brother in law, Josh.  He works for Target and is considered essential.  But luckily all of us have been safe and healthy.  We wear our masks, believe in science and are definitely accepting that for now that we need to keep physically distant.  But we trust it won't be like this forever.
Feel free to hit me up for any zoom calls or phone calls if that is your speed.  I am in Ohio probably until just after Labor Day.  Then will drive back to PA probably until after the election.  
Lots of love to all of you all over the world.  Keep safe.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Missed it's cold again!

Summer went way too fast.  Just realizing how much updating I have to do.  Hopefully everyone is well.  Let me get to what I have been up to.

So the biggest thing that happened this summer was the huge trip I took with my parents to the UK and Ireland.  We spent 7 days and nights on the Queen Mary 2, leaving on the 7th July from Brooklyn, NYC arriving in Southampton UK on the 14th.  It was so much fun we wished we were taking the boat back!  We made amazing people, had high tea everyday, tried to win at Pub Quiz, danced, ate, learned things and even sat by the pool.  So much fun and nostalgia.  Totally recommend it.
Mom & Dad at the Pub for Lunch
 As we are leaving NYC
 From the balcony...

One of the many high teas we had
Dad volunteering to be on stage (of course!)
 The Twenties night

When we arrived in Southampton, we rented a car and drove straight to Barry in Wales, the home of the TV show Gavin and Stacey.  If you haven't seen Gavin & Stacey, James Corden wrote and starred in it.  We are big fans so we wanted to go see that town.  As it happens, they were filming when we were there (a 10+ year reunion Christmas episode!!!) and you will see what happened!
Mom & Dad's Sunday Roast at the pub 
 We're on the Island!
Barry Island Le

After a night in Barry, we drove up a small port town in Wales to wait a night to take the ferry across to Ireland.  Once we arrived there, we drove straight to Dingle, where Mom thinks we have some family heritage.  This night was Mom's big birthday.  So we made sure we were prepared.  Dingle was stunning. 
Happy Birthday Mom!

We went from Dingle to Galway and then Galway to Derry.  We got to see a family friend Kathleen in Derry.  She made sure we saw all the sights.  
Mom & Dad at an Abbey along the way
 The Derry Girls Mural!
Kathleen and I at dinner
From Derry, we drove to Belfast.  We got to stop along the way and see some amazing things including Giant's Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.  So unreal.

I actually went across it.  M&D did not.

We were in Belfast for a couple of days which was great.  The Titanic Museum is amazing.  We had high tea (again!) at the Titanic Hotel.  We went on a black taxi tour to see all the murals and sites of the troubles.  We hung out with Mark Henry and Roni Horner.  Lovely time!
At the Titanic Hotel

 Murals on the Black Taxi Tour
Roni, Mark and I
We closed out our trip with a couple of nights in Dublin.  We hit the Guinness Factory, which we all really enjoyed.  We went to see the Book of Kells and the Trinity College Old Library.  We saw a few museums including Dublin Castle and the Emigration Museum.  We drank a lot of Guinness.  And of course we saw the Temple Bar!
Dad at the Guinness Factory
 We all learned to pour the perfect pint!
The Old Library at Trinity College
 Temple Bar
Once I got back from Ireland, it wasn't too long until my 40th.  I spent it in Savannah, Georgia with my best friend Sara who lives in Memphis.  It was really hot, but I loved it.  Lots of cocktails, good food and mansions.  We went to a quite famous piano bar, saw the house & cemetery from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and had high tea at a cute place on the Savannah College of Art and Design.  We even had dinner at the Grey, which was featured on Chef's Table on Netflix.  SO GOOD!  I will definitely be back to this amazing town.  
Rooftop cocktails
 High Tea
 Jim Williams' House
We were so full at dinner that all I could eat was berries and cream!
 The Grey!
Lovely Savannah

A great day at the spa

After Savannah, I managed to fit in a quick trip to NYC to Moulin Rouge with my friend Greg from work.  We had a great time in the city.  Always good to see it in all different times of year.  The show was amazing.  Totally recommend it.  We also had a lovely night on a friend of his private roof terrace.  Love that city!
Moulin Rouge!
 Rooftop Views

I had a bit of a party for my 40th later in September as well.  A lot of people came.  I had a great time.  My friends organized the cakes inspired by the one's Beyonce had at her birthday party in Philly (and from the same Bakery Cake Life!) not that long before mine.  Check them out!
Queen B's Cake
Image result for beyonce birthday cake philly
Me and My Cakes 
My lovely friend Karla came all the way from Mexico
My parents and Aunt Rusanne and Uncle Jack were the hit of the party
I also worked on a quick little fundraiser for my local democrats.  It was a big hit!  This Tuesday is voting day in the US and every single race matters!  Get out there US friends & family!  
The cake
 The great set up
 All the guests

Managed to fit in a Witches and Wizards 5k with Stoney.  It was such a trip at the Chestnut Hill Festival! 3 1/10 Miles Managed!
I have also been working on a podcast with my friend Mary.  We review and rewrite Hallmark Christmas Movies.  It's called Hallmarked Up.  It is available on a lot of platforms including Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.  Search for us, subscribe, listen and review.  Thanks to my bro Jonny for his help with the logo design.  My audio editing is getting better, but I know it's not professional, so no judging audiophiles.  Check us out on, FB and IG. 
I will probably get back to the NYC in December as I always like to.  Going to Seattle for Thanksgiving.  Doing a Turkey Trot out there so I need to keep training.  Just bought a light for running with as it is definitely getting darker and colder here.  Still haven't locked in Christmas plans yet, but I think I will be away somewhere.  Watch this space.  
Hope everyone is happy & healthy.  Come visit!