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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


I can't believe I haven't updated this for nearly 6 months!  So crap.  It has been really crazy busy though.   So best get updating.

I actually wrapped up work at my previous company in February and moved on to a new one.  I am now the Operations Director of US for The Creative Engagement Group.  Office is in center city Philly so no need to move and all is going great so far.  My one last gig at MC3 included a stop in Denver.  Had a great big long dinner with everyone and even spent a few days past the gig hanging in the Mountains.  All amazing.
The last supper on the road with MC3
 Garden of the Gods

 Red Rock Amphitheatre
 We took a trip to Golden, Colorado, home of Coors Beer.  Such a Ye Olde Mountain Town!
 One last photo of the largest spreadsheet I ever built for travel info at MC3!  Kelly proudly displaying it
I ended up with a week off in between the old job and new job, and it happened to be when Tom Davies was in town.  He came to the house in Philly.  We spent time in the city, went up to Lititz to visit our Tait friends and managed to get some ice skating in too.  I made sure to make him some lovely home cooked meals, and we even watched the Oscars.  As per usual, lovely to have the guests.
Then it was off to the new job.  I did a week in the Philly office before heading off for about 2.5 weeks to visit their offices in the UK.  I spent a bit of time in Manchester, Plymouth and London.  Got to visit a few friends (Bex Hanbury and Yuliya) in Covent Garden.  Learned a lot about the business and headed back to Philly to get started!
The John Rylands Library, Manchester
 Cute old pub in Manchester
 Yay for Creamed Tea in Manchester
 Had to get in my Sunday Roast before flying off to Plymouth
 Plymouth Harbour
 The Elizabethan House in Plymouth
 Feeling like home in Covent Garden
 Royal Opera House

I did manage to get out to Dave & Julie Klappert's house for little Demi's first birthday.  It was a cute day.  This was definitely my fav photo.
 I got to one of the finals games of the 76ers.  We won that series but lost to the Raptors later on.  I will be feeling better if Toronto wins it all.  Next year 76ers and Ben Simmons!
I dropped down to Memphis for a weekend to visit Sara Van Aernum.  I went to National Civil Rights Museum where MLK, Jr was shot.  It was pretty impressive.  We walked all over downtown on a bit of a murder mystery game.  Got to eat some yummy Memphis BBQ, stopped into the Peabody Hotel and hung out on Beale Street.  We also saw NKOTB, Salt N Pepa and others at a hilarious flashback concert.  All good times!
The Lorraine Hotel/Civil Rights Museum
 Beale Street

 The Peabody
Then I had a couple weekends in a row of travelling.  I hit up Chicago for a work trip.  45,000 people in Chicago for this one event.  It was massive.  Made it back in time to get to Dave and Amanda's lovely outdoor wedding.  Luckily the reception was indoors because it poured with rain afterwards.  The following weekend was a wedding in Milwaukee for my lovely cousin Elora.  Got to see a lot of the family which was nice.  
Amanda and Dave 
 Nick and Elora
I honestly think that brings us up to just about now.  I am sure more things happened than just these photos, but a lot of the past few months has been about the new job.  As it turns out, I will probably travel a bit less, but I am looking forward to that.  I am away for most of July on the big Ireland trip, so really counting the days until that. 
I am thinking about potentially having some kind of get together for the big birthday this year.  All of you would be invited.  Am thinking maybe around Labor Day (1 Sept).  Let me know who is around.
Lots of love,
Sarah xo

Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy Holidays!

So we have nearly wrapped about 2018.  Here are some highlights for the past few months that went by ridiculously fast!

Early Oct, I headed up to Boston.  I got a bit addicted to a story about a museum heist that happened at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990.  There are a couple podcasts about it now.  Definitely worth learning about.  But I stayed just opposite Fenway park and a game was on during the playoffs right before the World Series.  I loved Boston.  I had never been before.  It was pretty cold, but worth the trip for sure.  
The Stadium from my Air  BNB
 At the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
 One of the empty frames hanging on the wall from the heist
 The amazing courtyard
 Isabella's portrait
 Walking tour of Boston

 Some haunted mirror at the Parker House Hotel
I was invited to an Opening at the Barnes Foundation.  It was the first time I ever went to the museum in Philadelphia.  There is some controversy surrounding the museum so I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, but it was surely impressive.  Amanda and I had fun dressing up and seeing all the artwork.
 The Postman by Van Gough
I didn't get out west at all this time of year, but it looks like the kids had fun in the leaves!  Malcolm and Nora are getting sooo big!
Election time rolled around, and I worked at the polls.  It was great to go to the Delaware Dems party afterwards to see all the results.  I really do think things are changing, and the 4 women heading to Congress from PA make me very proud.  

My friend Karina from Denmark happened to be travelling through the US for work.  We got to spend the weekend together in NYC.  It was great.  We saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and made it over to the Statue of Liberty.  So fun to see her.  We met when I first moved to Sydney all those years ago.
 Long day at Cursed Child, but so worth it!

 At the Statue!
Mom and Dad came over for Thanksgiving, and we headed up to NYC on the train.  The coldest parade in history, but we persevered.  I wanted to make sure we saw Santa.  We went to Rock Center Cafe for dinner the first night.  Got to see the skating rink, the lights at Saks, and the Today show studios.  We watched the Parade the next day and ate Thanksgiving Dinner at Smith & Wollensky.  We even managed to check out the new spy museum, Spyscape.  Even though it was super cold, we had a great time.
The highlights from NYC Thanksgiving

I managed to get out to Longwood Gardens for the big light display.  It was quite impressive as always.  Highlights below:

I had the entire TD team over for Techsgiving Dinner between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We had a great time and destroyed the turkey.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pre-devouring photo.  But it was huge!  Biggest one yet.  We played Jackbox Games for ages!

We did a Christmas Door again this year.  This time we did our own version of HQ Trivia and gave away a tree full of beer to the winners.  It was very good fun and the audience participation was spectacular.  We only came 2nd, but I think they felt we couldn't win 2 years running.  Video link below.

Went to Ohio to see Mom & Dad for Christmas.  We got the rebar tree up just in time.  Saw pretty much the entire Ohio contingent, even those in Gallipolis so that was good.  Did some shopping and of course, FaceTimed with kids as they opened their presents in their new house in Seattle.  Nora is demonstrating Malcolm's new piano and practicing her drawing skills with her new projector.  Santa was very good to everyone.  We closed out the Ohio trip with a quick game of Cards Against Trump, sure to be a new family fav.  
The rebar Tree
Christmas Punch

Cards against Trump...and Goodnight Trump, Who's Boat Is That Boat, and Fear to just help you get a vibe of how we feel about that dumb guy who supposedly runs our country.
So I am back in Philly now just getting ready for end of the year festivities.  My friends, Mary and Kyle, are getting married tomorrow night.  I am seeing John Oliver on New Years Eve with Dave and Amanda.  Then it's pretty busy at work until the end of Feb.  Decent size announcement coming soon, but you will just have to wait to see what it is.
All the best for 2019.  Still plenty of room for guests at my place if you are ever East Coast USA bound.
Love you all,
Sarah xo