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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Closing Ceremony, Load Out and the holiday begins!

A bit of an update as to what has been happening the past few weeks.  Obviously, we did the Closing Ceremony.  It went quite well.  Then we had to take it all away.  Here are a few photos from the show.
Closing Ceremony....

The Control Room Selfie again....
Dawn James and David Kaleta managed to come out to see the Closing Ceremony as well.  Dawn and I spent a day at the Fairmont Spa just relaxing.  It was amazing.  
Cocktail at the Fairmont Pool
The pool....
The indoor pool
Filling our time in between shows and during load out was fun.  There were several trips to the beach and the big Venues and Services Dinner on the 4th of July at Evde - my favourite Baku restaurant.  I had been to it many times in the city, but I couldn't wait to get out to their beach location.  It was absolutely amazing.  We even went back for a second dinner!
Group Shots at Dinner

Munevver and I all dressed up
Amazing food and atmosphere

Beach photos from Jumeirah

The day Harmos got seriously burnt

I also managed to make it to the Heydar Aliyev Centre.  It is an amazing building designed by Zaha Hadid.  I went to an exhibit about Grace Kelly, but seeing inside was worth the visit.

Model of the stadium

We also managed to fit in a small get together my place to help me drink up the rest of my alcohol. Unfortunately, I ended up with more alcohol than I started with, but everyone had a fabulous time.  It was good that the cleaner was coming the next day.  Thanks to Rusty, taking out all of the rubbish was easy!
Roni and I at the party
The boys on the balcony
Janis' new haircut
The required YouTube Video Mix was in action....
Then it was all about getting out and finishing up.  We packed up everything!  Both the stadium and my house were pretty much empty when I left.  
All of the ground protection
A bottle of Diet Coke with Dostum on it.  "Friend" is Azeri
Last day office cricket
Giant Flag
Me on one of my final late night strolls home
Atilla, me and Harmos perfecting the selfie light
The stadium on the way to the airport - BYE BAKU!
Now I am at home in the US for a couple of weeks visiting family and lots of them!  We had Grandma Rita's memorial service so everyone was in town.  But it has mostly been a few days of our favourite little Nora.  
Rita's Grave
Nora next to her Great Great Grandmother's Grave and Namesake
A few more Nora shots....
With Grammy
 At the pool

With Auntie Rachel
 On the phone

So I am here for about 10 days more.  Then off to the amazing holiday for 4 weeks.  I am meeting Stanley, Harmos and Atilla in Istanbul, then travelling down the west coast to Bodrum, off to Berlin, Venice, Milan, Nice, Monte Carlo, Paris and London.  
Apparently our villa in Bodrum has this pool!

We are all very excited.  Can't wait.  It feels very strange to be done working, but I know we all deserve the long break.  I will work out the next job situation after a bit of beach time!
Lots of love,