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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hobart has been happening....big time.

So it hasn't been that long between posts really, but a ridiculous amount of stuff has happened.  Let me see what I can remember!  This will be a big photo blog (FOREWARNING)

Where did we leave off....the team was just starting to arrive. Adam, Nick and I took a short little drive up to Mt Wellington, the highest point in Hobart.  We didn't have a lot of time until we got really busy but we did manage to do this on a day off.
The boys at the top
Me and Adam
My Selfie at the Top
The boys had time to get a bit more settled into their house.  After an afternoon at the Tip Shop, they managed to put together a kitchen sink BBQ for $15.  It was very successful.  We even brought it to the site.
Then the others started to arrive.  First it was Will Jensen and Sonya Gandras and later on Sophie Berry.  Sonya stepped off the plane and had her 30th Birthday.  So we had to celebrate.
Yummy Cake
Everyone got along swell and we started to put things together for Taste.  It was a very long bump in, but we met a bunch of fantastic people.  The event was a roaring success, but not without its hard work requirements.  We only had Christmas Day off, but we managed to make it feel like Christmas.  We had lunch with the Mackonis family and then our own pressie swap whilst we ate nachos and played the colander game....and fell asleep on the couch!
My Family Christmas Tree
The Christmas Shopping Trip....whilst waiting for Sonya to buy her Secret Santa Gift at 24 hour Kmart
We managed to get a night of drinking in on Christmas Eve which was the first big night in a long time.  We ended up back at the boys house in the courtyard for quite sometime!  Will headed off first thing in the morning to spend some time back in Sydney.  A few others joined us and it was a great time!
Harmos and Will
Sonya was a bit cold
Sybil and Barrie our electrician
Mackonis Men on Christmas
All of the crew just before the Christmas Present Exchange
We all ended up with lovely gifts and it sort of felt like Christmas.  In the middle of all of the load in, I also helped look after our Carols event as well.  And the team managed to pitch in a bit as well.
Our lovely rotunda in the park
But in the afternoon on Boxing Day, we were all back to the site again getting ready for the opening on the 28th December.  Here are some fun shots around the Taste Site.
A little bit of Christmas on the office window....
A shot from our Daily Contractor Meeting
Beers at the end of a long day....
The infamous Yoga Chair that Sophie Berry managed to transform before our eyes
Sonya and Soph hard at work
A sample of some of the delicious food we lived off of and it wasn't even at the Taste!  Daci and Daci
So the Festival itself wasn't without a bit of fun as well.  We did work hard, but you wouldn't think so by these photos!  At least we managed to get a good laugh in occasionally.
Me in the control room being very serious....selfie.
Nick got promoted to control room duty for 10 minutes
Adam and Barrie wearing their party hats
The Festival itself

Bianca and Jez's Isaac stops by to see me at Taste...and Bi, Jez and Kaelen.  Isaac was just cuter.
The fun group shots of the site team
With RACT Man
On the cover of the Mercury
Nothing like a bit of New Year's Eve Pyro
Then eventually it was all over.  We did get a bit of time to do some fun things during load out and afterwards.  Barrie, the electrician, took us sailing.  Even in a competition.  We split up into teams and no one knows who won, but it was great!  Afterwards we had a few drinks...over several nights!  We had definitely earned it.  
Me steering the ship
Harmos in his sailing cologne ad look
The others hanging on their ship
Harmos and Mark
 Adam and Soph
I decided we needed to hire a house and spend a few days away on Bruny Island.  Soph had to get back to Sydney, but Adam, Sonya, Nick and I headed down for a relax at the beach.  It was a bit colder than we hoped, but Mark and Karyn stopped by for a day of fun in our house.  Luckily, one of us got given a Make Your Own Super Ball kit which provided hours of fun.  Safety goggles included.  We cooked up a storm, relaxed and drank some of the lovely tipples from Taste.
Adam and Nick in the car on the way....tired boys!
Adam wakes up and bit excited for the car ferry
Adam and Nick making the balls....and sometimes reading the instructions
Me testing out the Super Balls
 Nick cuts onions for soup with eye protection
Our Hiking Day

The last day we were on Bruny Island, we booked in for a boat ride all over the surrounding area.  It was hilarious fun.  We saw lots of rocks, seals, and one totally excited boat ride leader!  We were dressed in red slick full body ponchos which was a funny enough sight.  Unforgettable for sure and a must do on Bruny.
Sonya and I slicked up
Adam as well
Harmos and I with the excited lady
 The lovely scenery follows....

The Blow Hole
We didn't really spend much time at MONA FOMA after all because it was on at the same place as Taste.  The idea of hanging out there for fun was a bit exhausting for us.  But we did get back to MONA a bit.  One day was market day.  I bought a lovely corset.  Adam got a straight shave.  We saw the tunnel, the fat car, where David Walsh lives, tried some of their wine...etc etc etc.  You could go for days! Yes I am a MONA junkie.
The tunnel
Adam's shave
Everyone slowly started to leave.  We managed to spend the first night in their new house with Karyn and Mark drinking red wine in their front room with very little furniture.  Here they are on their front veranda.
Proud Owners!
With a quick drive up for the last weekend to Wineglass Bay, the scenery was just as beautiful as the first time I went.  This time it was even a bit warmer which was lovely.  And staying more than 3 hours makes it all the better.  Even the drive is incredible in most parts.
Nick goes caving
 Us at the top of the Wineglass Bay Walk....
 The colourful Spiky Beach
So now I am back at work.  All of the visiting team have departed.  It was a bit sad to see them all go, but I know we will all work together again very soon.  It was a great team.  Well balanced skills.  We all had a great time together, and the event was a huge success.  Thanks again TEAM TASTE SITE!
Am off to Melbourne tomorrow for Australia Day Long Weekend.  Will be good to see a few people whilst I am over there.  Hopefully it will be nice weather.  This will be the 4th anniversary of me becoming officially Australian and the first time I am back in Melbourne for it since becoming Australian.  So a bit of sentimental value involved surely.  The following weekend I will head up to Sydney for Laneway Festival.  Haven't ever been to it there, so it will be good see how it see a few of the Sydneysiders.  Send me a text if you are Melb for Australia Day or will be around in Sydney the weekend of 2 Feb.
The following weekend is probably the busiest weekend in Tassie for events....Hobart Cup, Wooden Boat Festival, Festivale and Hobart Regatta, so I have a few things to check out there.  Festivale is kind of the Taste in Launceston, so I will definitely need to get up there for that.  Not sure what else lies ahead after the busiest weekend in Tassie, but I will enjoy just being in Hobart while the weather is still nice.  Will definitely be in the US in May for Brock and Amber's wedding.  We shall see what else presents itself!  Visitors to Tassie welcome.
Look after yourselves.  Email me your own updates.  I have been officially Facebook Free for 5 (Five) Years Now!  I am so proud.  But it does mean I sometimes need old school updating on your lives.
All my love to you all in your separate corners of the globe,