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Monday, November 16, 2009

November is here and so is the rain!

So I think the time of year where it never stops raining is actually upon me at the moment. Whilst Vancouver did bless me with a bit of an Indian summer, it is now full blown rainy winter time. Floods, maybe landslides, and lots of wind is what we are currently facing. I am quite well equipped with steel toed gum boots, waterproof jackets, several different beanies that fit under my hard hat and lots of hot chocolate. I even bought a fake fur lined hoodie to wear inside the stadium to keep warm. (The air pressure in the dome is surprisingly quite cold!) So hopefully I will survive the winter. Cross your fingers that it doesn't snow like it did last year. Apparently the city came to an absolute stand still. We can't have a repeat of that! All everyone keeps saying is 'at least there is snow on the mountain!" but I have no idea if I will ever get to enjoy it.
Haven't really been up to much more sight seeing unfortunately. Not long after that last blog update Brock came for a visit. I drove down to Seattle to pick him up after we saw the Monsters of Folk and then filled the weekend with entertainment. We saw Where the Wild Things Are, we went to the Canucks Vs Wild hockey game, broke in the new Wii and just hung out in our fab new apartment.
I also managed to get into the U2 concert at BC Place where I am working for the games. It was ridiculously cool. The stage was enormous, but Bono has to stop building giant stages if he is going to preach about saving Burma and the like. Here are a few photos from the show. The Black Eyed Peas opened, but luckily for me I didn't see much of them. Was a great show though. If it comes to Australia (it will be very expensive I am sure) try to go along if only for the theatre kids. Really mad set.

Then not long after that was Halloween. I decided this was the year to do it up and show a lot of these Aussies what they have been missing out on their entire lives. So we bought chocolates, made some dangerous vodka drink served in a cauldron and got dressed up. Our balcony was enjoyed by all even though the neighbours did complain once. We had a barrage of characters. Mackonis and I went as Sarah and Chris from Team America. We had Sarah Palin, Hunter S Thompson, Tippi Hedren from the Birds and several others along the way. It was good fun as well. Photos below.
AG's Plotted Black Tie Suit

Me and Mackonis gun it up

The Birds by Kelly

Mr Frogman - the IKEA clothes hamper

Tan and Di's Chinatown ladies

Sarah Palin and Hunter S Thompson (Liz and Wellsy)

The Winners of the Costume Contest!

Unfortunately for Melanie my housemate she was relatively sick with the flu so she didn't get to sport her awesomely purchased Wonder Woman costume. But maybe we will have to have another dress up party of some kind.
I also crammed in Canadian Thanksgiving. It is in mid October and because it wasn't really Thanksgiving, I didn't cook a turkey, but a group of us went to dinner at a pub where they did serve turkey. I also made choc chip pecan pie for dessert. We all felt our diabetes setting in afterward but we loved it. Come the end of the month, I will attempt to cook a turkey here as well. Sorry guys in Oz. I will cook one there next year. Photos of that to come I am sure.
Mackonis, Kelly and I did go out hiking the weekend of Halloween as well. We headed towards Lynn Canyon for the suspension bridge and spent the afternoon in the woods with waterfalls and the like. It was really quite green there, really peaceful and a pretty good hike as well. The suspension bridge wasn't nearly as long as the one in Capilano (apparently), but it was free. You don't really get green like this in Australia that much anymore, so it was pretty amazing to see. Photos of the day.

My parents, Brock, Jonny and I are meeting in Mt Baker for Christmas for a few days and I know that will be here before I know it. We hired this awesome house and we plan on hot tubbing it, eating out, snow shoeing and drinking together for a few days. I haven't had Christmas with them in over 7 years, so this should be a big one! Look out Bellingham - the Grubbs are invading. It also looks like some of the family will be out to see some of the games themselves, so that should be great!
Also this past week was Grandma Rita's 90th birthday. She is now the proud owner of a 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Torch relay hoodie. Here she is proudly sporting it. She's pretty hip for 90. Doesn't she look great!?!?

That is about it for now. Will write more as it starts to get ever closer to lockdown, games time and Opening Ceremony! 87 Days to go!