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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some holidays and an Aussie flyover....

So occasionally I get the odd email reminding me that I haven't done a post in a while.  It has been a few months between posts.  Just having a look, I seem to have missed out on a quite a bit.  So let's get to the updatin'!
I did head down to Oman to the Dive Center, but not without a stop at both St Regis Hotels in Abu Dhabi with Eloise Grace before she headed back to Australia.  This was the luxury part of my holiday.  We slept at the Saadiyat Island resort the night before Fri Brunch.  Then headed into the city of AD for the other hotel.  It was amazing.  Photos...
 Saadiyat Adults Only Pool
 Amazing Bath
St Reg Abu Dhabi Corniche
Then it was off to the Dive Center.  This was phone/internet free with my personal shack on the beach.  It was fabulous.  A few days out on the boat, lots of sun and most of the time spent swimming was exactly what I needed.  I even ended up meeting people who had just been working on the ceremony in Sochi!  It was quite a small world feeling, but lovely.  Photos truly speak for themselves.
I arrived after 5 hour drive
Just outside my barasti hut
The surrounds....
Me relaxing....
The moon over the bay was incredible at night
So then it was back to Dubai for a few bits and pieces for work, a bit of hanging around and a bit of soaking up the sun before it headed to the ridiculous temps of Middle East Summer.  I spent time with Hannah planning Ameena's 3 year old Minnie themed birthday.  It was a great time.
Ameena with my gift
The cake after destruction
After the birthday party, Hannah and I decided we needed a bit of a getaway (plus I had a free one night stay!).  So we headed up to the Banyan Tree in Ras Al Khaimah for our one night in our amazing tent with our private pool.  Obviously I am a sucker for a good pool.  I spend lots of my free time in Dubai at them.  But I love a free private pool even more!  It was a nice little getaway.
Our Pool
 Night photo
Hannah and I soaking up the last rays before we had to depart :(
Then I quickly packed up a suitcase and headed back to Australia for Dave Wilko and Mel's wedding in Melbourne.  I spent a week down there catching up with a few friends, seeing the old haunts, dropping into the storage unit and enjoying the amazing Indian Summer that they were having.  It was lovely to see Melbourne town.  The wedding was amazing.  Lots and lots of dancing!  The wedding itself was at the Espy with a reception following in South Wharf.  Fab time had by all.
Tram Bar at the Arts Centre
My Old Apartment Block in Southbank
 Edwina and I caught up a fair bit
The Wedding Prep begins...went the curly look
 Mackonis and I out the front of the Espy and sunset
Dave and Mel!
 Dave and Mel in the chorey'd dance to MJ
 So my dancing outlasted the curls a bit
Then it was up to Sydney for a bit.  I caught up the usual families & friends, spent some time with Sonya around town and in the Blue Mountains, had a look at Vivid, and even managed to get away to the Southern Highlands with Anne-Marie for a night. 
 A day at Taronga Zoo with the Tidds
Me and Baby Leon Matching!
 Hanging out with DJ Oliver Bangma
He rocks the sunnies well too!
 James Mackonis shows me his Bridge Hat of course!
Vivid lights up Sydney in Winter
 Aquatique in Darling Harbour
Nick Newey's New Microbrew Willie the Boatman on tap at the Henson
Blue Mountaining with Sonya
High Tea at Lilianfels
 On the crazy train at Scenic World
 The 3 Sisters
Anne-Marie and I stayed at Milton Park in the Southern Highlands
Our lovely dinner table
 Me enjoying the wine by the fireplace
Then we had the big news from Oakland, CA that another addition to the Grubb Family had arrived.  Nora Lee Grubb arrived on the 7th June to proud parents Brock and Amber.  I already have bought her what I have declared to be the only pink thing I will ever buy.  She doesn't quite fit it, but I can't wait to meet her in person very soon!
Amber and Nora
Brock and Nora
Nora needs to grow a bit more before she can rock the hipster turntable onesie from Newtown
So that about closes the chapter on the short excursion to Australia.  I am off to Adelaide tomorrow to visit Lydia, Michael and baby Eden for a couple of days before flying back to Dubai.  Ramadan is just around the corner and the heat is already on, so we shall see what happens after that.  
Will leave you with one of the amazing sunsets I managed to capture from Anne-Marie's balcony.  Great to see everyone even if it was winter.  I am looking forward to getting some sun again though.  My tan has faded....back to the UAE poolside for as long as I can stand the heat!
Goodnight Sydney!
More to come I am sure.
Lots of love,


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