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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Melbourne whirlwind and back onto a plane...

So my time in Melbourne was extremely quick. I primarily came home for Bianca and Jez's wedding and to pack for the next gig. However, I did manage to cram quite a bit in.
Before I get to the wedding, I did get myself along to the MCG to watch my beloved Collingwood play in the preliminary final. I was convinced they would win because there was no way I could attend the Grand Final as I would be in Mexico. Ange and I went along. We didn't think they would win, but it was great to see them bring it home in the last quarter. Sadly, we didn't beat Geelong in the Grand Final, but just seeing a game at the G was enough for me. And what a fabulous game it was!
Me and Ange at the Game
My Beloved MCG in Footy Mode

The wedding was absolutely lovely. The ceremony was in Edinburgh Gardens and the reception was at Fitzroy Bowls Club. I did seem to bring with me some lovely weather as since I have left, it has been pouring with rain. Good thing we got Bianca and Jez's wedding in on the loveliest day I had in Melbourne. I helped out with the flowers which was quite fun!
Flowers on the Gate at the Pavillion
The Flower Girls
Jez sings his vows!
Bianca and her dad
Bianca and Jez
Me just about to start a game of Lawn Bowls
Me and Bianca
I did manage to catch up with quite a few people as well which was nice, but then it was back on the plane to Guadalajara, Mexico! Since the show is not very far away at all, I have really only been working and sleeping, but in between the shows I am hoping to see a bit more. I will also be here for the ParaPan American ceremonies as well, which means I will be in Mexico for Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead). This is a huge celebration in this part of the world, so look out for those photos in November. I have been using my Spanish which I haven't really used for at least 15 years. The locals are helping me to remember and apparently I keep getting better! I definitely understand a lot more than I can speak, but by the end I am sure I will have improved. The stadium where the show will be is called Omnilife Stadium. It is pretty much brand new!
The view from my plane on the way here (just had to take a photo!)
Omnilife Stadium (during a previous event)
The stadium from the outside (real grass on the building, artificial turf on the pitch!)
The concourse
Athlete's Village - pretty much within walking distance to the stadium
We did manage to have 1 massive storm since I have been here. Unfortunately for us, we got trapped under the stage as it was during rehearsals. It was crazy! So much hail. We made it out after about 20 minutes, but the rain continued into the night. It wasn't the only rain I have seen since I have been here.....reminds me a bit of Delhi!
The road out the front of my hotel upon arrival
Adam and Julio have a hail fight!
Cris and Lisa show off the hail
The storm video footage

The pool at my hotel (not that I have used it!)
My Hotel
So I will be here in Mexico until the end of November. Will surely have more photos of Mexico soon. Hopefully I will see more than the stadium and my hotel.
Then I will head to Seattle for the holidays (and my quick jaunt back to Vancouver to see Kanye!). Then Aussie summer...until I find the next job.
I did forget to publish a fab video from New Zealand. Me on the Segway during load out. I would like to get one, but I heard that the CEO accidentally died falling off a cliff whilst riding one so maybe is pretty fun though!
Hope everyone is well! More news from Sarah vs the World soon I am sure.
Lots of love,


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