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Monday, November 14, 2011

3 Shows Down....1 to go (Parte B)

So I didn't get the blog updated as fast as I would have liked. It is now between shows on the Parapans, and I am happily having a couple days off to sleep before we think about putting the Closing Ceremony in. I watched the last bit of plywood get carried off the athletics track last night at 8pm -- approximately 20 hours after we started tearing it all apart. Now I need some margaritas, a pool and a recap of what has been happening. So rewinding a bit...
In between Opening and Closing of the Pans, I managed to have a look around Zapopan. It is a lovely part of Guadalajara. It, of course, has a Basilica and on the 12th of October there is a massive processional pilgrimage to the Basilica in honor of the Virgin of Zapopan. I didn't get to see that as it was only a couple of days before Opening, but we did have a look around the town. Photos...
Entrance to Zapopan
The Basilica at Night
The Garden at the Basilica
My Favourite Bar in Zapopan
Eagle & Snake Statue
I also managed to get away to the beach for a few days in a town called Manzanillo. Karla, Adam, Ian, Jem and I spent 2 nights away and had a blast. On arrival, we headed to get some late night food and Jem decided all we were going to do was drink margaritas...and lots of them! Unfortunately for Jem, he got a bit of man-flu so that left Adam, Ian and I to drink all the margaritas ourselves as Karla volunteered to babysit Jem! We managed to get in a couple rounds of the Colander Game (temporarily re-named the ice bucket game) which went over very well after several tequilas. We had a lovely time in our 3 bedroom beachfront apartment. It really did help us to forget about the oncoming Closing Ceremony, even if only for a couple of days.
Pano from our balcony
The Cupboards are actually decorative apparently
Jem Sleeps...
While Adam and Ian get drunk!
A beach swim
Next to our swim up pool bar
Then it was back to reality. We had another show to put on. Loading it back in was always going to be tricky, but after piecing together old ground cloth, laying tonnes of plywood, cleaning up left over opening horse poo, and squeezing in 3 big bands and the backline under the stage, we got it up! We even managed to have a rehearsal. Ian's brother Bryan came over from Mexico City to give us a hand. The Closing Ceremony featured Ricky Martin which was, of course, very exciting for me. I did love him in Uni/College, but unfortunately for women everywhere he is gay. He was absolutely lovely when I met him, and it was fun to load him in the toaster. Sigh.
Show Photos...
The Bustemante Segment....(a famous designer from Mexico)
Our under-stage-world team
Bryan shows off his decorating in the underworld green rooms
Ricky Martin Just like I remember him, only gay.
Watch around the 7 min mark for my 'toasting' of him -- when he pops out on stage!

Ricky in the Toaster during rehearsal
More Ricky Rehearsal - that's me in the green top (giggle)
Post-Show FOP Shots (Me, Tyler & Karla)
Me and Andres
So it did all have to come to an end at some point. We loaded out closing rather quickly (but I am sure there are a few things still there)! By Thursday I was already working at the other stadium getting ready for Parapans. But we managed to have a few celebratory drinks and quick wrap party -- which the entire tech team was able to attend! Prior to Closing, we were able to watch the Mexican Gold Medal winning football game and take a quick visit to the roof. Photos below...
Mexico Wins Gold!
Roof photo with the Cauldron
Our awesome tech team t-shirts -- long story about how we got to be stand ins for Juanes and his band (video coming soon!)
Me and Karla on the Field during Load Out (Measuring the crane pad)
Adam's last drinks at the World Beer bar with Oscar & Ian
Ola came for a visit to closing!
Then it was onto Telmex Stadium for the Parapans. It was a little slow going, but after we all managed to leave Omnilife and focus just on this show, it was all pulled together. We had a much smaller team and did have to say bye to quite a few people. But we had a great time doing it. We built a brand new stage, but used our Central Lift from the Pans. Photos...
Marachis and Jorge on our lift
Guido and Karla begging not to wear the uniforms again!
During Load In, Cristobal and I taught Ian how to drive the forklift
Delirium sets in...Greg, our TD, channels Ronald McDonald on our underworld bench
Stage Painting....(giggle)
One of the cute mini-roper performers
Stage Pano
Para Opening Pyro during El Mismo Sol
That basically takes us up until now. Am planning on just relaxing for the next 2 days and considering how late it is and I am still in bed, I am doing just fine I think! On Friday 18th Nov, we load in Closing for a show on the 20th. Then it's time off until next year is sorted. Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving & Christmas with my family in Washington State. I am also going to be taking a little jaunt to Milwaukee to do a couple speeches to the theatre kids at my old Uni/College. I am looking forward to this a lot.
I am also counting the days until the Port Douglas Beach Holiday/Wedding! I will need to be living in that pool of ours!
Hope you are all well. Seems like I have a lot of catching up to do in Seattle, Vancouver, Milwaukee, Sydney and Melbourne in the next couple of months. Will figure out the next gig soon enough!
Love and miss you all,


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