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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lots since last post....

So in the last 5 weeks quite a bit has happened....and not surprisingly the next 5 weeks are looking pretty eventful as well. I thought it would be best to get a post in just now to break it all up a bit.
First of all, I made it through the last of Guadalajara with the Closing Ceremony of the Parapans. We had a good show and few parties to end it all. I was pretty sad to leave Mexico, but it was straight on to the US for Thanksgiving! Some photos from the end of Mexico...
Me and the boys back stage
Me and Karla with Huichi, one of the Mascots
Greg, Karla and I are stand ins
The End of the Show
Me and Jorge at the Wrap Party
Ian, Ari, Randall & Chava carry me at the Wrap Party
The last round of Mexican Flag Shots!
So it was back to Washington state with Mom and Dad just in time for Thanksgiving. Brock and his girlfriend Amber came up from Seattle to eat with us. I spent a bit of time hanging out with my parents. We went to the city square Christmas Tree lighting in Bellingham (which didn't go exactly to plan, but eventually they turned on!), a drive to LaConner and several trips down to see Brock in Seattle. A few photos from around Washington...
Mom and Dad
Christmas Decorations in LaConner
Brock at a bar in Seattle
After a big of week or so of catching up with the family on the west coast, I headed to Milwaukee for a couple of days of teaching at my former college/uni, UWM. I managed to see my cousins for dinner, have lovely Mexican food (queso fundido...mmm!) with my old college roommates Missy and Bettina and see some of the old fav hangouts in not a lot of time. It was great to be there, but it certainly was a bit cold for me! No snow on the ground, but I didn't mind. Speaking to the students was really good too! A bit crazy to speak on the stage where I worked over 10 years ago, but still...really worth it. A few photos from Milwaukee...
Bettina, Missy and I
Lake Michigan - outside my apartment
UWM Peck School of the Arts
So I returned to Washington for a bit. Had a bit of work travelling to do and then the best trip of all began. Brock had bought tickets to see Kanye and Jay-z for me, Jonny and Amber. And the show was in Vancouver! So it was back to the old Yaletown and surrounds to revisit where I was 2 years ago! We made the trek via Amtrak, and Kelly White came along for a night. Upon arrival, I realised how much I missed my apartment there, and it did feel like I had only just left. We managed to fit in a necessary trip to Granville Island and the brewery, dinner at the Fabulous Miku sushi restaurant (literally best sushi -- ever!), lovely brunch at the Four Seasons and shopping in Robson Street. I also met up with Tom Jackson at BC Place to have a look at the new roof. They removed the dome as soon as we left basically and now have an amazing suspended roof. I was very impressed.
The Kanye/Jay-z show was pretty amazing. Huge lifts with LED curtains, more LED screens and a bit of pyro. They managed to play Niggaz in Paris 10 times in a row. It was the last show of the tour, so I think they were pretty pumped up about it. Photos of the Van weekend...
Train ride landscape
Jonny at the train station photo booth
Kelly and Jonny on the Aquabus to Granville Island
False Creek
The Famous Granville Island Brewery Sampler
Brock and Amber at Miku
Miku - the best sushi ever!
Me inside the new BC Place
The Roof
Jonny with his dessert from Four Seasons
The infamous Furniture Warehouse (where they always play Journey!)
Some of you know the stories...
Kanye and Jay-z...the reason for the trip!
So I am now back in Bellingham with Jonny, Mom and Dad. My sister, Rachel arrived in Seattle today and will make the drive up with Brock and Amber tomorrow night. Christmas will be again at Mt Baker like we did when I was in Vancouver. We are all very excited as we haven't had an entire Grubb Family Christmas since 2002. Will get that blog update happening very soon after the New Year for sure! A photo of the mountain we will be skiing this year!
Mt Baker....for Christmas!
I did also manage to get myself an early Christmas tattoo! I have wanted one for a while, and I had come up with a concept in the last year. I got an appointment at Slave to the Needle in Seattle, and their artist Alex drew up something more amazing than I ever imagined. For the curious, it is on the outside of my right upper thigh, and it basically says 'there are pieces of my heart all over the world' in Spanish. It's perfect. Have a look. Comments welcomed.
The tattoo...
I am also contemplating returning to Facebook after 4 years away. It is hard to do many things without it (like entering competitions, getting discounts etc). So I thought I would put a little poll into this post. It will let me see what you all think about me re-joining Facebook and to see if anyone is really reading this! So get in your vote now!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will be sending some Christmas emails, not cards. Just not enough time this year.
Back in Australia on the 28th December. Looking forward to the sunshine.
Love and miss you all,


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