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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Busy season and a jump over to Australia

A lot has happened in the last few better start updating.  I started off the work season post-Orlando with 2 trips to Vegas.  After the first one, I dropped into Seattle to see Brock, Amber and Nora.  We had a great time.  We went to the aquarium, had breakfast with Lydia, my cousin Josie and her daughter Iyla, played a lot of games and utilized Nora's animal rescue kit quite a bit.  It was great to see everyone and Brock and Amber's house.  I also had a lovely dinner with Kelly.  Photos below.
Nora's Valentine's Day Glasses

Us on the front porch

Blowing Bubbles

Sidewalk Chalking

Aquarium Day

Brunch Day with everyone

In between my two Vegas trips, Mom and Dad popped around to help with a few more projects around the house.  We got my feature wallpaper wall up in the bedroom.  I have also finished up the guest bedroom now for the most part.  We also went to high tea together.  We even squeezed in a live recording of the NPR Quiz Show, ASK ME ANOTHER.  It was really fun.  Thanks Mom and Dad for all your help!
The Wallpaper
The Guest Bedroom (open for bookings!)
High Tea Time
Ask Me Another
Then it was back to Vegas again.  Got to see Liz Mackonis just by chance.  We went to the Baz Luhrmann Cabaret show at the Venetian which was actually quite good.  We had some decent pool time before Liz left.  Then Sara VA and Lydia joined for girls by the pool weekend.  As it turned out, it was St Pat's Day, plus March Madness so it was full of people.  But we had a blast.  We also got to see The Backstreet Boys which was a super blast from the past.  Lydia and I also went to Ka.  Lovely time to just be in the warm for a bit.  
Token Vegas Photos

Liz and I
Pool time

Backstreet's Back....alright!

Lyd and I at our private pool
Then it was back to Philly for a while, but I did manage to have some visitors.  PC and his lovely daughter Charlotte were in town with Lou, so they came out to the house.  We had fun at my local park.  I was proud to hear that she learned how to walk whilst in Philly just before her trip to eat her first Cheesesteak....or something like that!!
On the slide

After a bit more work, it was time to head back to Australia!  The aim of the trip was to get rid of my storage unit in Melbourne, but I did manage to see a lot of people.  A quick jaunt in Sydney, then the rest of the trip in Melbourne.  I hadn't been in 3 years, so it was definitely long overdue.
Barely made my LA flight, but the premium econ was definitely fab
These 2 girls are so grown up now Lily and Mia
Avo on Toast with Soph and Leish (and so many flat whites!)
Me and the Opera House
Then a trip down the Harbour to visit Mitch and the Carmen set with the best temp toilets ever!
I had a lovely day with Anne Marie at High Tea at the Park Hyatt which turned into snacks and cocktails.  After a quick catch up with a few others, it was off to Melbourne for the project at hand.  Edwina and I got to work quickly and managed to get everything packed and ready for the plane or shipping in 2 days.  This left us quite a bit of time for just hanging out in Melb.  Stanley came down for a visit.  We hit up lots of comedy shows, went to the hot springs and Montalto for lunch.  I also managed to see Bianca and fam and meet Mel's cute new daughter, Josephine.  I headed back to the Malthouse to see a lot of the crew there.  Had brunch with Mandy, Anthony and Allegra.  I did feel a bit old, by seeing how old all the kids were, but I guess they do grow up!  All the Melb feels below.
Comedy Festival at the Town Hall
Stanley and I with our beloved Fez
Ed, Stanley and I preshow drinking
The good old Spiegeltent
Brunch with The Mackinnons and Mel

Winery Lunch Day
Walking in Melbourne and Brunch with Allegra

Then the trip came to a close.  All the boxes arrived safely and are nearly unpacked even.  It is crazy to have all of my things in one place after 17 years!
Some of the unpacking
A couple of announcements before I sign off, Malcolm Maxwell Grubb was born on the 17th April.  He is doing well and coming to visit with his mom, dad and big sister Nora in July.  Can't wait to meet him.
With Nora

I also had been asked to contribute to a new online blog about my industry called theatreartlife.  It is launching at the end of this week.  So I am looking forward to seeing it.  I was featured in both their instagram feed and linkedin feed, which was exciting.  I know quite a few others who have contributed so can't wait to see it go live.  
Mom and Dad came over as I got tickets to see Jimmy Fallon!  We had a blast.  Totally amazing time.  I would really like to go again.  Maybe Colbert next time??!!
Not much other than that.  It is really starting to get warm here so I am looking forward to a few summer visitors, concerts, beach time and fitness.  It is my 20 year high school reunion this summer so let's see if I get to that.  Jonny and Chris are celebrating their wedding this summer too.  So it looks like a couple trips to Minneapolis!  Hoping to see some of you there.
All the best,


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